What Lights are the Best Ceiling Lights?

When it comes to ceiling lights, at LampTwist we know that there’s no end to the number of choices and possibilities, while it’s great to have so much choice it can be overwhelming.

Ceiling lights are probably the most efficient way of illuminating a room so shouldn’t be neglected.


In this guide, we look into what options are available for ceiling lighting. We will explore the different types of ceiling lights and determine which of those is most useful in certain situations. 

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If you are struggling to decide which ceiling lights are right for you then read on to make a more informed decision.

Types of Ceiling Lights

ceiling light
  • Flush Ceiling Lamps
  • Semi-Flush Ceiling Lamps
  • Hanging Ceiling Lamp

Each category is still counted as a ceiling lamp, but they have a few differences. We’ll get into how each of them appears as we introduce them:

Flush Ceiling Lamps

Flush ceiling lamps are considered to be ceiling lights for those with little free space. Flush ceiling lamps do not have any rope or cable to connect them to the ceiling. They are actually connected directly.

They still protrude down a bit from the ceiling as all ceiling lights have depth. However, if you need a ceiling light that doesn’t reach too low then flush ceiling lamps are the way to go.

Many find flush ceiling lamps to be uninteresting in appearance. However, with the right creativity and innovation, these can look quite lovely in the right setting.

Semi-Flush Ceiling Lamps

Semi-flush ceiling lamps are similar to flush ceiling lamps except that they are not directly connected to the ceiling. Typically, they will sit just below the ceiling on one or three cables.

These ceiling lights are great for places where you have a little more space but don’t want full-length ceiling lights. They also have more options than flush ceiling lights thanks to the increased length.

Hanging Ceiling Lamps

hanging ceiling lights

Hanging ceiling lamps hang quite far from the ceiling. The most common form of ceiling light would be a chandelier. Obviously, you would see hanging ceiling lamps in living rooms and other such places that have ample space.

Sometimes, people even use hanging ceiling lamps that are low enough to be hit with your hand. However, you should always consider the possibility of someone taller hitting their head before you decide on this. Typically, aim to keep it 2 meters above the ground.

Hanging Ceiling Lamps

Does Each Type Fit in Certain Rooms?

Technically, you can use any of these ceiling lights in any room you please. As we mentioned, hanging ceiling lamps are best used in the living room. However, some people like to use them in the dining room or even in the bedroom.

Semi-flush ceiling lamps are most often used in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and even in welcoming rooms or hallways. It depends mainly on the design of the home and the height of the ceiling.

Flush ceiling lamps can be used in any room you like. Most of the time, you will see them in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, welcoming rooms, hallways, and occasionally the living room or dining rooms.  

Our Recommendation

You can always use these ceiling lights in places that are less common. We also recommend you don’t just blindly follow current trends or the designs of your friends’ homes.

It is important that you follow safety guidelines for ceiling lights …or any other forms of lighting for that matter! 

At the end of the day, the most important thing, aside from energy-efficient lighting that maximises the space it is in, is that you enjoy the design of your light fixtures. It is great if your friends and other visitors like it too, but you’re the one who has to see it every day. Make sure you love it before you install it!

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The best ceiling lights are the ones that you picked out yourself but still get the job done!


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