Best Lighting Ideas for the Living Room

The living room is a perfect place for spending a romantic evening with your special one, especially that fall has come, people will spend darker days and longer nights inside their home. Whether they are watching television, reading, or cuddling together, proper lighting is essential to enjoy such activities. This article will discuss the proper light fixture ideas suited for that romantic evening inside the living room.

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Romantic evenings ideally happen at home in the comfort of your living room. Who doesn’t want to cuddle up with their dream date on the couch after a satisfying dinner? Imagine this scene: some sexy music is playing while the both of you cuddle on your couch. Scented candles are filling the air with their seductive scent, when suddenly, the lights either go out or shine too bright.

These romantic sessions aren’t “spur of the moment” acts. You have to do the planning and lighting beforehand. You have to properly ensure every detail, from the food that you’ll be serving and eating together, the music that’s going to play, the lights, and every other single detail that’s necessary for your lovely evening together.

When it comes to these beautiful and romantic get-togethers, ambience is everything, and you can find the best designer lamps online at LampTwist. Ever heard of candle light dinners? Sometimes, it isn’t about the dinner itself, but it’s due to the romantic glow and warmth that the candle light offers the both of you. Here are some more lighting and fixture ideas to boost the mood and ensure that your romantic evening doesn’t end up in ruin.

No Fireplace? No Problem

A lot of people think that the ultimate romantic session is on the carpet by the fireplace in the living room. And they’re right, beside the fireplace is the best place for cuddling. However, a lot of people weren’t born with silver spoons inside their mouth. Fireplaces may be expensive and difficult to maintain, but imitating the glow they give off is easy.

On the living room wall, try using incandescent light bulbs because they imitate the glow of a slow burning flame when indoors. These lamps also work well with most dimmer switches. Another alternative is by using the New Works Bowl light. These lights look like small candle holders where the light bulb is inside a lightly tinted glass.

You can place these little lights on the floor close to the wall, or you can put them on top of the entertainment centres.

Up Above and Hanging

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Don’t let the cuddling end up hanging. Set the mood by getting a chandelier or a pendant style fixture to hang above your heads. The advantage of getting one is that it also provides a “faux centrepiece” for guests. A faux centrepiece is an item which provides a stunning look without entirely getting the whole attention inside a room. Getting uniquely shaped lights can certainly get the attention when someone steps into the living room.

A perfect example to use in the living room is the Umage Silvia Pendant. The lamp is like a cone and the light downwards making it ideal for the living room, bedroom, or even a hallway. Visitors and your loved one will surely notice the warm glow it brings down.

An excellent “faux centrepiece” is the LZF Escape. It’s a unique shape made by wood veneers. It’s medium size and does not take the attention from people when they step inside. The Escape comes with ten different tints which you can freely mix and match.

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Double Purpose

As mentioned earlier, a light could be a “faux centerpiece” for a living room. How about making it into a real centerpiece instead? What better way to incorporate lighting into your living room by having to set it up on your own?

An ideal light that functions as a centerpiece is the Sei Luna by IN.ES. The designer lamp is perfect for those who want that honeymoon feel all the time inside their living room. The light fixtures resemble the moon and come in threes. Who says you have to go outside to enjoy “La Luna?”

Another centerpiece light that you can set up yourself is Hurlu Bec Portable Lamp. It’s a good way to help the environment because it’s made up of recycled material. The lamp is just that: made from recycled wooden crates from France.

The portable light is in the form of a cube which means you can stack it to create a large square or you can go wild with your style. When it’s all done, visitors and your soulmate will see your creativity and the uniqueness of your centerpiece.


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After an impressive dinner, the living room is where most couples on a date end up. It’s where they cuddle and talk romantically with each other. A good way to add the romance is amping up the mood and ambience with subtle and comforting designer lampsdesigner lamp from artisans like Tom Raffield.

A good way to do it is by playing some appropriate tunes while pairing it up with seductive scents. However, the mood isn’t complete without a cool lighting system that you can customize to your liking. Coupled with the lovely autumn season, these ideas, and some product reviews, you’ll never go wrong in impressing your date.

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