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Transparent is a pioneering tech brand on a mission to establish itself as the first circular technology brand in the industry. Through the creation of timeless, modular electronics that can be continually upgraded, Transparent aims to not only prolong the life of its products but also reduce electronic waste, embodying a commitment to environmental sustainability and technological longevity.
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Transparency is at the core of the brand's ethos. Rejecting corporate jargon, Transparent engages in straightforward, honest communication with its community—users, backers, and creatives alike. The brand embodies openness and clarity, sharing its passion and journey with the aim to foster a more informed and engaged consumer base.

At Transparent, design transcends mere aesthetics. The focus is on revealing the true essence of products through the use of durable materials like aluminum and glass, which are not only long-lasting but also recyclable. This approach is driven by the goal to close the material loop, integrating increased recycled materials into product designs that blend seamlessly into any setting, enhancing their surroundings without dominating them.

In the realm of audio, Transparent strives to deliver transparent sound—audio that faithfully conveys the artist’s original intent. The brand’s sound systems are designed to offer a pure, unembellished acoustic experience, celebrating the raw beauty of music through superior audio technology and design that enhances the overall sensory experience without altering the core of the sound.

Founded by Per Brickstad, Magnus Wiberg, and Martin Willers, Transparent is more than a technology company—it's a movement towards more sustainable, honest, and user-focused product design. The founders' dedication to blending form with function has garnered international recognition and numerous awards, making Transparent a leader in sustainable tech innovation.