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Brokis Shadows Set

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Brokis Shadows

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Brokis Mona Pendant

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Schneid Eikon Bubble

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Buying bedroom lighting

Placing unique lights or combining several small light fixtures to create and complete your style, bedroom lighting is a great addition to your space. Bedroom lamps can be a simple and functional purchase, but it can also be an opportunity to make a statement and set the ...


Bedroom Lighting 

  • Bedside Lamps
    Bedside Lamps

    Buying Bedside Lamps

    For a bit of late night reading, to set the mood or to complete the look of a sanctuary, adding a bedside lamp to your bedroom decor can be the finishing touch that your room has been missing. Not only are bedside table lamps convenient in the sense that they give the inhabitant an easy outlet to switch a light on and off in the room.They also are functional.

    For instance, during the evening, you might want to create a setting in which there is not as much light, perfect for winding down.This can be easily achieved through functional bedside lamps, especially ones with dimming capabilities.

    With our broad selection of bedside lamps, your desire to make your bedroom as comfortable, stylish and personal as possible is very attainable. Not only do these lamps combine come in many styles which can match the rest of your interior decor, there are options for every taste and possible color scheme.

    The selection process also has to take into account the size of the piece of furniture in question. In our selection, from our smallest, minimalist lamps to our grandiose pieces, there is a bedside lamp thatis right for you.

    Because at the end of the day even if your interior decor is flawless what does it matter, if you cannot appreciate it with the proper lighting. Pairing your ceiling and wall lights with bedside lamps, or allowing them to stand alone can successfully illuminate the room and shed light upon whatever you want to be at the centre of attention, or the forefront of the design. The important thing is that you are happy with the look and your sanctuary can be truly complete with the addition of a bedside lamp.

  • Bedroom Wall Lights
    Bedroom Wall Lights

    Bringing a modern take and inviting it into your interior decor can make all the difference. Bedroom wall lights can mean the difference between a poorly lit room and a well lit room, the simplest addition that can take your decor from decent to unique.

    Straying away from the simple bedroom table lamps or ceiling lights, bedroom wall lights are a different and stylish way to not only functionally illuminate your room, it can also be used for style and chic.

    Wall lights can be placed behind a headboard or illuminating from underneath, or even lining the tops of the walls. This lighting capability makes it possible to not only control the amount of lighting being shed onto your room, but also throughout the entire area of the surface.

    We invite you to browse the selection of wall lights i nour collection. With a wide range of materials and sizes; available with LED or regular lighting each as different as the next. Not only is each light different in style and visual decor, but also in illumination. From sleek and stylish with a strong power of illumination, to modern or retro with dimming features, we have the bedroom wall lights that can be easily installed into your interior decor and complete your look.
    Your bedroom wall lights should be congruent with your soft and stylish selection of bedding and also pair well with the thematic colours of the room and take into account the overall design of various pieces of furniture in the decor. With our large collection, we should have the proper and perfect bedroom wall lights available to fit your exact taste, style, price range, installation ease, and decor.

  • Bedroom Ceiling Lights
    Bedroom Ceiling Lights

    Your bedroom is the place where your style of interior decor needs to fit your exact taste. This is the space where you can choose exactly what you want how you want. There is no one else to please, for example, guests coming over for dinner.
    Bedroom ceiling light fixtures can complete almost any look, and fit in seamlessly with any style because there is a broad range of ceiling lights available. Ceiling light fixtures can be lamps that are mounted directly into the ceiling, even with dimming capabilities, or flush or semi-flushmounts. There are even options like practical ceiling fans, which cover bases both in the lighting area and keeping yourself cool during summer nights.

    One of the key points of our collection is the variety of styles and designs, there is something for everyone so there is no stress when choosing your light fixture. From contemporary to mid-century modern, the opportunities are limitless. Depending upon the amount of ceiling and area that you have to work with, which means that you may have a curved or an extremely high ceiling, there is a perfect fit for what fits your home.

    Having the right size ceiling light fixture is an important quality to keep in mind when searching for the perfect light. Not only do you need to pick a size that will not overwhelm the space, or literally not fit, you must also be aware that some light fixtures might just be too small for your bedroom area. This might mean that you will need to pair your ceiling lights with extra table lamps or wall fixtures. However, we are confident that you will find a perfect match in our collection of bedroom ceiling lights.

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  • 377,10 € 419,00 € -10% Delivery: 3-4 weeks.
    Zappy// The living lamp Inspired by the cone of the french woods, this lamp arouses the feel of nature and forest into your home! Zappy, the carefully handmade lamp of certified ash or oak, illuminates any indoor space with sublime light quality.
  • 760,00 € Delivery: +- 4 weeks
    Authentic illumination The Owalo 7020 lamp by Secto Design is a beautiful handcrafted light that casts a gorgeous reflection onto the surroundings. It's elegant and honest design plays with light and shadow, a stunning light with a soft luminosity.
  • 760,00 € Delivery: +- 4 weeks
    Authentic illumination The Owalo 7030 lamp by Secto Design is a beautiful handcrafted light that casts a gorgeous reflection onto the surroundings. It's elegant and honest design plays with light and shadow, a stunning light with a soft luminosity.
  • 710,00 € Delivery: +- 4 weeks
    Recalling the northern lights, the Secto Design Petite 4620 Table Lamp is completely devoted to the simplicity and ambiguity. Diffused light passes gently through the slats made from natural birch wood, making any home or the office space cozy and warm.
  • 575,00 € Delivery: +- 4 weeks
    Beautifully designed lamp with shade, affecting its originality and uniqueness, the Secto Design Petite 4630 Wall Lamp provides gentle soft diffused light while creating intriguing shadows in the back. Adjustable and easy to install, the lamp is a great addition for any reading corner.
  • 675,00 € Delivery: +- 4 weeks
    Authentic illumination The Secto 4220 lamp by Secto Design is a beautiful handcrafted light that casts a gorgeous reflection onto the surroundings. It's elegant and honest design plays with light and shadow, a stunning light with a soft luminosity.
  • 395,00 € Delivery: +- 4 weeks
    Table lamp with a design very refined. The warm light LED and the softness of the Finland wood made of it a decorative lighting perfect for a modern inside. 
  • 37,80 € 42,00 € -10% In stock
    Seletti’s Egg of Columbus table lamp series is similar to that of its ceiling counterpart, except that these are to be placed on tables. The material used to create the Egg of Columbus table lamp is reminiscent to that of an egg carton. Furthermore, the lamp is available in the following colors: natural, pink, green, blue, and antracite.   
  • 220,50 € 245,00 € -10% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    Reduced price!
    Seletti’s Elephant Lamp consists of exactly that, an elephant positioned on its rear feet balancing a ball on its head with its trunk. The ball element of the lamp is what becomes illuminated when the light is switched on. 
  • 207,00 € 230,00 € -10% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Seletti’s Monkey Lamp series consists of a number of separate entities combined to create the ultimate jungle-like lighting solution. These entities include the following: the Monkey Lampshade, the Monkey Lamp Standing Version, the Monkey Lamp Hanging Version, the Monkey Lamp Sitting Version, and the Monkey Lamp Ceiling Version.
  • 103,50 € 115,00 € -10% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    Reduced price!
    Seletti’s Moresque lamp series includes four lamps, two of which are table lamps, and two of which are ceiling lamps. The designs include the Moresque Table Lamp Design #1 Turnot, and the Moresque Table Lamp Design #2 Squared. The coloring of the Design #1 Turnot is a variation of turquoise, copper, grey, and white; while the coloring of the Design #2...
  • 62,10 € 69,00 € -10% In stock
    Seletti’s Mouse Lamp series consists of three variations of mice in different positions. These include: Mouse Lamp Sitting, Mouse Lamp Standing, and Mouse Lamp Lying Down. As indicated by the names of these, the mouse can be found in various positions holding a light bulb which is illuminated when turned on.
  • 130,50 € 145,00 € -10% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    Reduced price!
    Seletti’s MRND table lamp series consists of three variations of a similar form. These are as follows: Maria Teresa, Anna, and Dina. While Maria Teresa is the more bold design with turquoise-colored glass, white porcelain, and bright green wiring, Anna is the more feminine of the three, with pink and gold coloring. Finally, Dina, consists of blue-colored...
  • 216,00 € 240,00 € -10% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    Reduced price!
    Seletti’s My Little Neighbour lamp is a table lamp reminiscent to the form of a snow globe. It consists of a miniature double-story house, surrounded by a garden and a couple of trees, all enclosed in a glass dome. The stand bares a metal plaque with the words ‘My Little Neighbour’ engraved upon it. The illumination of the lamp comes from inside the...
  • 225,00 € 250,00 € -10% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    Reduced price!
    Seletti’s Street Life table lamp is reminiscent to that of a cone used to indicate roadworks or the like found on the street. The lamp’s form consists of a cone shape placed on a square foundation with a ball placed on the apex of the cone. Contrary the usual orange coloring of street cones, the Street Life lamp maintains horizontal stripes in white and...
  • 486,00 € 540,00 € -10% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    Reduced price!
    The Tiffany Tree Lamp is bound to make for an interesting desk lamp or a unique addition to a living area.
  • 94,50 € 105,00 € -10% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    Reduced price!
    Seletti’s Turn lamp series consists of a table lamp. The form of this model is reminiscent to that of a totem pole.
  • 178,20 € 198,00 € -10% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Reduced price!
    Seletti’s Woodspot table lamp series consists of three variations of a geometric form. The table lamp is available in the following colors: green, pink, and white. The geometric shape appears to be ‘open’ on the one side, while supported with a stand on the other. When turned on, the illumination appears from within the shape. Whether you choose to place...
  • 780,00 € Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    This sphere pendant is a great at-home addition to your modern home style or if you are looking to complete your Kelly lamp collection from Studio Italia Design.
  • 265,00 € In stock
    This chic lamp set is an epitome of an indoor wall lamp, originally and creatively designed to break the barriers on a dome or half globe construction. The Kelly lamp constructed for the wall is a great addition to complete the set.
  • 230,00 € Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    The Millo Wall Light is an ambitious blend of textile designing with creative illumination. Unique lighting fixtures are always a multidisciplinary combination of various individual aesthetics, and this particular one highlights its dichotomous genre in a gorgeous and absolutely stunning way.
  • 225,00 € Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Mood lighting has never been more stylish and easy to emulate in your interiors. The Pin-Up Wall Light from the Studio Italia collection is a subtle, trendy masterpiece of a design that is perfect for creating a soft, ephemeral atmosphere in your spaces. It features a clean, sleek and glitzy design that looks absolutely glamorous when the fixture is lit up.
  • 290,00 € Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    The Puzzle Round Wall/Ceiling Light is a better and more evolved form of Studio Italia’s ‘Puzzle’ light fixture series. While the initial designs were edgy and boxlike in formation, the Puzzle Round Wall/Ceiling Light is a circular take on a similar concept. Although the inspiration was drawn from the original series, the ‘Round’ version took a life of...
  • 215,00 € Delivery time: 2 weeks
    This LED lamp, designed in 2018, is a small and elegant lamp available as a table lamp or as a wall lamp. It combines aesthetic and functionality as it integrates state-of-the-art technologies such as a charger for mobile phones without cable (wireless) and a USB port.
  • 148,50 € 165,00 € -10% In stock
    Reduced price!
  • 517,27 € 574,75 € -10% Delivery: 1-2 weeks.
    Reduced price!
    An ancient skill reworked for the modern world Tom Raffield creates products that will be cherished, enjoyed and loved. The No. 1 pendant is a lamp that shows it's natural beauty.
  • 283,50 € 315,00 € -10% In stock
    Reduced price!
  • 880,00 € Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    Echoing the traditions of Nordic design, the TR10 Pendant is a graceful lamp with a unique character. The harmonious curves of the slats closely gathered in the middle create a sexy, hourglass silhouette. Luminescence screams from the pendant’s circular ends, culminating to a whisper at the cinched middle. Adding to its dramatic warmth is the birch exterior.
  • 280,00 € Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    Beautifully contorted into its pear-shaped form, the TR12 is an alluring morsel of light. A soft, dramatic glow radiates in between the delicate slats of birch. It is a graceful masterpiece created by Tom Rossau himself, thus the initials TR. Every lamp is handcrafted with respect for the natural characteristics of the selected material. The result is an...
  • 700,00 € Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    A soft-lighted pendant with stylized undulations of birch, the TR14 is a remarkable lamp with a natural charm. Beautifully illuminated in the center of the double twist, the birch exterior adds a dramatic touch to the glow. It is a solid masterpiece by woodworker and designer Tom Rossau, thus the initials TR. Every lamp in Rossau’s line is handcrafted...
  • 390,00 € Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    At first look, the TR19 Pendant looks unassuming in form with its traditional profile. The remarkable artistry in handcrafting this lamp is what makes it stand out. Thin slats of birch or polypropylene wrapped around a frame, exuding timeless elegance. The birch exterior gives a dramatic glow, creating an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. TR represents...
  • 620,00 € Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    Elegantly assembled twists of natural birch make up the TR22 Pendant light. Thin wood veneers cascade into a stunning geometric form, with the edges enclosed in the lamp’s interior. TR represents the initials of Tom Rossau, the person who envisioned the Nordic-inspired line of lamps.
  • 300,00 € Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    With its intertwined slats and contemporary attitude, the TR23 Pendant draws the most meticulous fans of Nordic design towards its light. The fixture is a testament of Tom Rossau’s respect for natural wood. TR represents the initials of Rossau, the designer behind these handcrafted beauties.
  • 3 580,00 € Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    Crafted by hand in Denmark, the TR24 Pendant is a large-size shade made of natural birch wood. Its sexy swerves and extravagant silhouette adds textural warmth to any interior. Light radiates through the delicate birch strips, and a stunning interference pattern emerges on the floor. TR represents the initials of Tom Rossau, the designer who handcrafts...
  • 3 375,00 € Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    With its undulant shape infused with birch artistry, the TR25 Pendant is an elegant study of Nordic design. Soft light radiates in between the exquisite arrangement of clean-lined slats of birch. A stunning shadow pattern unfolds on the floor. TR represents the initials of the lamp designer, Tom Rossau.
  • 387,20 € Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Like a delicate cloud, the TR5 seems to be afloat with its serene Danish design. The pendant lamp features a fluidlike pattern of birch veneer or brushed aluminum, revealing little slices of light in between the strips. TR represents the initials of Tom Rossau, the designer behind the beautiful line of soft-lighted structural lamps.
  • 520,00 € Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    Resembling an elegant hourglass, the TR7 Pendant was born from a simple idea of twisting a stripe of natural birch. Delicate wood strips compress in the middle and smoothly flow out into a rounded form at the ends. Both ends of the pendant lamp are illuminated with finesse.
  • 475,00 € Delivery time: 3 weeks
    The Butterfly02 lamp, for ceilings and walls,  designed by Tunto’s owner and founder Mikko Kärkkäinen, is a very effective lamp characterised by the use of a new technology called OLED. The OLED technology provides a transparent, diffuse or reflective light,  therefore multiplying the possible applications of the Butterfly02.
  • 475,00 € Delivery time: 3 weeks
    The Butterfly03 wall lamp by Tunto is a thin, ultra design wooden board bent in its middle and reminiscent of the wings of a butterfly that would be peacefully flying. This lamp is equipped with the state-of-the-art OLED technology, emitting a warm but yet very efficient light that is perfect above a bed to read a good book or in corridors to create...
  • 375,00 € Delivery time: 3 weeks
    The Cube light has been designed by Mikko Kärkkäinen , owner and founder of the Tunto brand. It consists of a square-shaped cube with rounded edges and a LED light source integrated that provides a diffused and warm light.
  • 485,00 € Delivery time: 3 weeks
    De Tunto LED1 bureaulamp is vervaardigd van handgekozen hout dat behandeld wordt volgens traditionele methodes. Dit wordt gecombineerd met ultramoderne technologie in de vorm van een touch-dimmer zodat je stijlvol en gemakkelijk de lichtintensiteit aan kunt passen.
  • 265,00 € Delivery time: 3 weeks
    The LED120 wall/ceiling lamp, by Tunto, is  an all-new lighting solution for spaces which require indirect lighting. Made out of hand-picked wood in Tunto’s workshop in Finland, this lamp combines functionality and efficiency as it displays a soft light upwards and downwards. Its shape is in fact a long wooden rectangle, with a clean and seamless surface.
  • 390,00 € Delivery time: 3 weeks
    As the LED28 pendant, the LED28 fix lamp by Tunto is designed by Mikko Kärkkäinen and is suitable for every kind of walls and ceiling styles. This stylish, highly modular lighting solution is available in various lengths, offering various possible configurations whose only limit are your imagination.
  • 330,00 € Delivery time: 3 weeks
    Like the LED40 pendant lamp, the LED40 fix lamp by Tunto has a simple and rectangular shape and an uncluttered design. With its seamless surface, the LED40 fix lamp is part of the amazing LED collection designed by Mikko Kärkkäinen, the owner and founder of the Tunto brand.
  • 385,00 € Delivery time: 3 weeks
    Twice as powerful as its LED40 counterpart, the wall/ceiling LED60 fix lamp  can give either a forward or a side-facing light, as you wish. It’s simple and uncluttered design doesn’t prevent it from being very efficient at illuminating rooms such as offices, kitchens, corridors and living rooms.
  • 455,00 € Delivery time: 3 weeks
    The true representative of a successful idea and an equally good design, the Tunto Swan is a wall lamp made of handpicked, certified woods and serves a particularly elegant solution for the discerning interior, meeting the demands of the something certain.
  • 71,10 € 79,00 € -10% In stock
    Indulge in a forest escape within the comforts of your home. Umage’s external designer Jacob Rudbeck has perfectly captured the memory of walking along peaceful forests, breathing in crisp Scandinavia air, and admiring gentle acorns lying at the foot of oak trees. 
  • 269,10 € 299,00 € -10% Delivery : 1-2 weeks
    With characteristic geometrical blades made from aluminium, the Aluvia lamp has a distinctive edge, while being lightweight and durable at the same time.
  • 242,10 € 269,00 € -10% In stock
    Experience the colours of nature and light with the Umage Asteria lamp. 
  • 71,10 € 79,00 € -10% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The stylish Umage Carmina is versatile in nature – it can work as a pendant, table, or floor lamp. Its fluid and modern design makes a perfect accessory to a minimalist interior.
  • 107,10 € 119,00 € -10% In stock
    The Umage Eos is made out of natural goose feathers. This makes all the Eos pendants natural and unique. The lamp gives a soft light and it has beautiful elegance, even when the lamp is not illuminated. The white edition exists in five different sizes, while the brown edition exists in two different sizes. 
  • 107,10 € 119,00 € -10% In stock
    The Umage Eos Up is the perfect companion for small spaces in need of big designs. Eos Up gives a soft, warm light that adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to any interior decor. Its clever construction makes it easy to mount directly onto the ceiling or wall.
  • 44,10 € 49,00 € -10% In stock
    The Umage Silvia lampshade is a modern classic that suits every home. The lamp is characterized by its triangular, organically shaped blades. The lamp is available in two sizes and four different colors: white, copper, steel or black and gold.
  • 283,14 € 314,60 € -10% Delivery time: 3 weeks
    One quick glance at the Verpan collection is enough to understand what you're dealing with, because of the unusual, daring design decisions. The Pantop table lamp is really a bit of light on the market today and comes available in a several colour variations.
  • 17,00 € Delivery: 2 weeks
    Design wall lamp letting appear all the beauty of a bulb. 
  • 250,00 € Delivery: 3 weeks
    The WAW Lights Balance's lamp is a real jewel for your inside. It has a design and natural curves which embellish your rooms. Inspired by the nature this pendant offer us peace and serenity.  
  • 250,00 € Delivery: 3 weeks
    WAW Lights Infinity lamp brings a peaceful minimalism to your inside. The light is diffused by its elegant straight curves. Infinity is a modern and design lighting. 
  • 250,00 € Delivery: 3 weeks
    The WAW Lights Perspective pendant give a sobriety and a touch of modernity in any space. It has a sublimating fineness which perfectly decor its environment and give it a second dimension. 
  • 54,40 € 64,00 € -15% Delivery: 1 week
    Lighting 2 in 1, spot and wall lamp with a rectangular design. 
  • 54,40 € 64,00 € -15% Delivery: 1 week
    Docus Mini is a wall spot. Made in aluminium, it has an industrial style. Suits to any design indoor space.
  • 54,40 € 64,00 € -15% Delivery: 1 week
    Ray Mini is a wall spot. Made in aluminium, it has an industrial style. Suits to any design indoor space.
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