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Bringing a modern take and inviting it into your interior decor can make all the difference. Bedroom wall lights can mean the difference between a poorly lit room and a well lit room, the simplest addition that can take your decor from decent to unique.

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Bedroom Wall Lights 

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  • Nemo Lampe de Marseille
    483,39 € 568,70 € -15% In stock
    Specifically from the hands and mind of Le Corbusier and directed to the Unité d`Habitation of Marseille, the Lampe de Marseille is an installation of flair, design and functionality. 
  • Eno Studio Plus Wall Lamp
    200,60 € 236,00 € -15% In stock
    Designed by Eno Studio, the Plus Wall lamp maximizes the luminous effect by spreading the light softly and evenly towards the ceiling and the ground. This lighting solution combines efficiently the aesthetic and the functional aspects and will certainly add a modern touch to your rooms.
  • Astro Ascoli Single Switched
    84,22 € 105,27 € -20% In stock
    The easy installation and an LED bulb of this light save your costs in the long run. With the Astro Ascoli Single Switched, add a nice touch to your bedside while enjoying the cordless light to read your favorite novels and stories.
  • Tonone Bolt Bed Lamp
    260,00 € Delivery time: 3-4 weeks
    Tonone Bolt Bed Lamp is a highly functional lamp. Inspired by the raw look of mechanical tools, it brings a different vibe to any bedroom wall space. The no nonsense approach is one of the most interesting in the market today.
  • Tom Dixon Stone Wall Lamp
    293,12 € 344,85 € -15% In stock
    Inspired by the materials used to build the world famous Taj Mahal, the Tom Dixon Stone Wall Lamp makes its way into the heart of all art lovers. Tough, yet elegant, it is perfect for the lavish bathroom or kitchen dampness.
  • Buster + Punch Hooked Wall Lamp
    323,98 € 381,15 € -15% Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    The Buster + Punch Hooked Wall Lamp is a greatly designed lamp that is both efficient and practical. It has a very attractive feel and features everything you will ever want in a lamp.
  • Grupa Arigato Wall Lamp
    342,00 € 380,00 € -10% Delivery: 1-2 weeks.
    Take a humble road to enlightment There’s a very simple statement behind the Arigato AR- W and that is to materialize a humble human gesture of gratitude through the design of an everyday object. The Arigato Collection consists of table, floor, wall and ceiling lamps.
  • DCW Editions Gras n°214 wall lamp
    534,82 € Delivery: 2 weeks
    The DCW Editions Gras lamp n°214, designed by Bernard-Albin Grass, is a wall lamp whose height is adjustable thanks the bar on which it is fixed. You can adjust the height like you would do with a shower; it is very simple and therefore perfect to be used in rooms such as a living room, to read a good book, or above a desk.
  • DCW Editions Mantis BS2 mini wall lamp
    533,61 € In stock
    As efficient as the Mantis BS2 “normal”, the  wall lamp Mantis BS2 “mini” offers the same well-thought design, that is reminiscent to a praying mantis. This lamp seems to float over you as you read, giving a comfortable atmosphere. The Mantis BS2 mini is also available in a bigger version.
  • Elegant wall lamp reader
    60,00 € In stock
    This wall lamp, available in black, white and in chrome, is perfect when it is placed above a bed or near a sofa to light up your book as you will be reading. It is therefore a really good lighting solution for hotel rooms, for living rooms, or for any interior space that needs a soothing atmosphere.
  • Marset Aura Lamp
    329,12 € In stock
    This Aura wall lamp from Marset is both a decorative object and a magnificent source of light. 
  • Lodes Laser Cube Wall Light
    175,45 € In stock
    Laser is a compact, versatile light fixture in the shape of a box with an attractive architectural look. From its painted steel structure, available in two sizes and three different finishes, the LED light source diffuses a functional and evocative two-way light that creates plays of light and shadow on the wall.
  • Astro Coach 130
    174,24 € 217,80 € -20% In stock
    Coach 103 is a modern wall lamp which perfectly suited to outdoor environments. Install it along the walls of your house or next to your front door. 
  • DCW Editions Mantis BS5 Mini
    394,46 € In stock
    This wall light is the miniature of the Mantis BS5, however, it is equipped with an integrated LED source. 
  • Lodes Pin-Up Wall Light
    260,15 € Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Mood lighting has never been more stylish and easy to emulate in your interiors. The Pin-Up Wall Light from the Lodes collection is a subtle, trendy masterpiece of a design that is perfect for creating a soft, ephemeral atmosphere in your spaces. It features a clean, sleek and glitzy design that looks absolutely glamorous when the fixture is lit up.
  • Lodes Puzzle Round Wall / Ceiling Light
    242,00 € In stock
    The Puzzle Round Wall/Ceiling Light is a better and more evolved form of Lodes’s ‘Puzzle’ light fixture series. While the initial designs were edgy and boxlike in formation, the Puzzle Round Wall/Ceiling Light is a circular take on a similar concept. Although the inspiration was drawn from the original series, the ‘Round’ version took a life of its own,...
  • Northern Lighting Birdy Wall Lamp
    312,66 € 367,84 € -15% In stock
    Created with a strong reference to the designer’s mantra that all lights should be fun to use, and bridge the gap between everyday functionality and luxury and style, the Northern Lighting Birdy Wall Lamp is a functional source of light for any interior.
  • Popuplighting Deer Head
    58,65 € 69,00 € -15% In stock
    This wall lamp is the shape of a deer head is a classic, nostalgic wall piece with a modern interpretation.  When the Deer Head lamp is switched on, she creates a magical ambience. She fits into any room: for romantic moments in intimate places or magical fantasy in a child's room.
  • LZF Hi-Collar
    393,25 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    As its name suggests, the Hi-Collar is inspired by the traditional stiff shirt collar. This wall sconce combines design and functionality as it is really modern yet very efficient to light up small spaces like your living room, a bedroom or a corridor.
  • DCW Editions Mantis BS2 wall lamp
    953,48 € In stock
    A very particular and elegant wall lamp, designed by Bernard Schottlander, is the Mantis BS2. Light and heavy, empty and occupying the space at the same time, this wall lamp is full of paradoxes that will appeal to the amateurs of refined and design objects. The Mantis BS2 also exists in a mini version.
  • Marset Sun Lamp
    511,83 € In stock
    Gorgeous "Soleil" ceiling lamp from Marset. 
  • DCW Editions Gras n°304 wall lamp
    331,54 € Delivery: 2 weeks
    This Gras spot n°304 from DCWEditions is a real icon of the lighting world!
  • Pholc Bellman Wall Lamp
    599,00 € In stock
    There are a lot of wall lamps out there but here is a one of a kind lamps that brings elegance and an ambient feel to your spaces. With the Pholc Bellman Wall Lamp, it is certain that you will always be filled with cheer and relaxation. This wall lamp has most certainly set a high bar that will take its competitors quite a long time to catch up. This is...
  • LZF Orbit A
    272,25 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    Orbit, Knots of light A beautiful wall lamp that spreads a warm athmosphere through your space. The wood veneer of the Orbit A creates a beautiful ambient light.
  • Nemo Applique de Marseille
    375,40 € 441,65 € -15% In stock
    Created originally for the interior design of the artists`s own apartment, the Appliqué de Marseille, was made to bring the finesse of Paris into the walls of a home, whether it is on location or across the world.
  • Astro Mast Light
    86,15 € 107,69 € -20% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Astro Mast Light is a wall sealing lamp perfect to shine a front wall. The lamp works with a GU10 bulb not included, this lets the advantage of the bulb choice and is a guarantee of sustainability because it is possible to change the source over time without changing the frame. 
  • Frandsen Ball Wall Lamp
    66,85 € 78,65 € -15% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    The Frandsen Ball Wall Lamp is a genuine vintage icon and masterpiece. The circular spot light of Ball Wall Lamp by Frandsen is magnetized on the base, meaning that you can easily move it around. The rounded diffuser has been carefully designed to minimize glare as it effectively illuminate computer desks, beds, and reading corners, while the light flows...
  • Frandsen Ball Wall Lamp with Built-in USB
    190,27 € 223,85 € -15% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    The wall box of Frandsen Ball with Built-in USB Wall Lamp is 30cm tall, 22cm wide and 18cm deep. Ball with Built-in USB Wall Lamp by Frandsen comes with the On/Off switch and it is quite easy to install. Ball Wall Lamp with Built-in USB by Frandsen comes in quality materials and striking design.
  • Mathieu Challières Applique Volière
    225,00 € In stock
    Fake birds in real feathers have taken refuge in a copper wire lampshade.
  • Northern Lighting Moo
    2 083,74 € 2 451,46 € -15% In stock
    The decorative wall-mounted Northern Lighting Moo lamp is practically a full scaled glowing head of Norwegian moose, a unique sort of hunting trophy. This monument poaching can be used indoors and out, because the lamp is made of a material similar to rubber, whereby the head lights evenly.
  • Menu Warren Lamp
    232,38 € 273,39 € -15% In stock
    The neat shape, perfect lighting angle of the scattered light and warm - these little things make the Menu Warren wall lamp really cozy and comfortable. The unique shape makes the lamp in a compact work of art and noble materials, original finishes and unusual shades - only emphasize this metaphor.
  • Lodes Kelly Wall lamp
    290,40 € In stock
    This chic lamp set is an epitome of an indoor wall lamp, originally and creatively designed to break the barriers on a dome or half globe construction. The Kelly lamp constructed for the wall is a great addition to complete the set.
  • Astro Roma Lamp
    125,84 € 157,30 € -20% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Modern and contemporary wall lamp with a wonderful glass lamp cover which diffused a soft light.
  • DCW Editions Gras n°304 XL Outdoor
    890,56 € In stock
    DCW XL Outdoor wall lamp n°304 is extremely resistant to outdoor environments. 
  • DCW Editions Mantis BS5 wall lamp
    406,56 € In stock
    Very elegant wall lamp from the Mantis collection of DCW Editions. 
  • New Works Material Wall Lamp
    389,00 € Delivery time: 3-4 weeks
    A more traditional, yet elegant wall lamp, the New Works Material Wall Lamp is the perfect wall lamp for a more intimate setting. The soft glow soothes any room or space.
  • Dreizehngrad Funk 16/26W
    211,65 € 249,00 € -15% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Tradition and modern spirit Combine light tradition with a modern spirit. In addition to the high material quality, craftsmanship and design, dreizehngrad designs focus on natural beauty. The materials are shown pure and genuine.
  • Lightyears Radon Wall
    224,21 € 263,78 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Fundamental and adjustable The fundamental geometric forms - the circle and the triangle - are key elements in the design of the Radon series. The light from Radon is direct and adjustable. The shade is multi-directional and furnished with an asymmetrical reflector, ensuring that light spreads out precisely to the surface where it is needed.  
  • Lightyears Caravaggio Wall
    231,41 € 272,25 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    A simple, soft juxaposition between a masculine and feminine form The Caravaggio by Danish designer Cecilie Manz is an ambient lighting series inspired by the contrast between light and shadows. The Caravaggio Wall brings attention to light and to your space.
  • Secto Design Owalo 7030
    820,00 € Delivery time: 8-9 weeks
    Authentic illumination The Owalo 7030 lamp by Secto Design is a beautiful handcrafted light that casts a gorgeous reflection onto the surroundings. It's elegant and honest design plays with light and shadow, a stunning light with a soft luminosity.
  • LZF Air A
    260,15 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    Air, simplicity and harmony A simple and elegant wall light to brighten your room. The wood veneer creates a beautiful light.
  • LZF Pleg A
    272,25 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    Pleg, a fold of light A beautiful wall lamp that spreads a warm athmosphere through your space. The wood veneer of the Pleg A creates a beautiful ambient light.
  • LZF Gea A
    205,70 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    Gea, Evolution of lines A beautiful wall lamp that spreads a warm athmosphere through your space. The wood veneer of the Gea A creates a beautiful ambient light.
  • Le Klint Carronade Table Wall Lamp
    560,15 € 659,00 € -15% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    This version of the Carronade lamp can be used as table lamp or as wall lamp. It is a modern elegant and recognizable source of light that features a solid walnut base and a swivel head searchlight. Impressively designed, the lamp makes a great addition to any table, shelf or wall.
  • Secto Design Petite 4630 Wall Lamp
    650,00 € Delivery time: 8-9 weeks
    Beautifully designed lamp with shade, affecting its originality and uniqueness, the Secto Design Petite 4630 Wall Lamp provides gentle soft diffused light while creating intriguing shadows in the back. Adjustable and easy to install, the lamp is a great addition for any reading corner.
  • Menu Staple Lamp
    172,09 € 202,46 € -15% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    A new combination of form, function, material and aesthetics, Menu Staple is a perfect solution for your home or the office. The brass colored wall light or available in black powder coating, it is convinced by consistent purism in the best quality.
  • Gubi BL5 Wall Lamp
    548,19 € 644,93 € -15% Delivery: 1 week
    The BL5 Wall Lamp from Gubi’s extensive collection is as delicate as it is sturdy, as unique as it is inspired and as distinguished as it is beautiful. Its gorgeous design is what sets it apart from other lamps of a similar variety, and its stylish execution is what makes it an absolute customer favorite.
  • Gubi BL6 Wall Lamp
    504,99 € 594,11 € -15% Delivery: 1 week
    Wall lamps are the newest contemporary luminary trend, but the BL6 Wall Lamp from the Gubi Collection features an extremely universal design that has been admired in the market since 1930. It was designed by Robert Dudley Best, and showcases a crisp, liner build that was inspired by the Bauhaus movement of the early twentieth century.
  • Gubi BL10 Wall Lamp
    630,47 € 741,73 € -15% Delivery: 1 week
    The BL10 Wall Lamp is a one of a kind light fixture that is not only flexible in its design, but also features a number of aesthetics. It’s a wall lamp that gives users infinite liberty to tinker and customize its adaptability according to their preference, which makes it one of the best lighting fixtures in the Gubi collection.
  • Gubi Cobra Wall Lamp
    355,86 € 418,66 € -15% Delivery: 1 week
    The Cobra Wall Lamp from the Gubi collection features a unique stylistic expression that instantly sets it apart from the rest of the lamps. Not only does it showcases a distinct aesthetic, but also trendy and pragmatic looks that are infinitely contemporary in design. It’s a wall lamp that became renowned and beloved for its peculiar looks that are...
  • Gubi Cobra Wall Lamp Hard-Wired
    355,86 € 418,66 € -15% Delivery: 1 week
    The Cobra Wall Lamp from the Gubi collection features a unique stylistic expression that instantly sets it apart from the rest of the lamps. Not only does it showcases a distinct aesthetic, but also trendy and pragmatic looks that are infinitely contemporary in design. It’s a wall lamp that became renowned and beloved for its peculiar looks that are...
  • LZF Guijarro Ceiling Wall
    532,40 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    Guijarro is a series of three lamps, suitable as well for ceilings as for walls. Like its name suggests, they all have the irregular and softened shapes of river pebble, carved over many years by water and sand.
  • Lightyears AQ01 Wall
    352,78 € 415,03 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    This wall  lamp is Anne Qvist creation's by Anne Qvist Design Office. Made of curved lines, it is innovative and elegant. 
  • Lightyears Kaiser Idell Wall
    467,97 € 550,55 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Kaiser series lamps designed by Christian Dol, a German goldsmith and designer who has created it in the 30s. This wall lamp is a beautiful and amazing creation.
  • Tunto LED40 Ceiling/ Wall lamp
    580,55 € 683,00 € -15% Delivery time: 6-8 weeks
    Like the LED40 pendant lamp, the LED40 fix lamp by Tunto has a simple and rectangular shape and an uncluttered design. With its seamless surface, the LED40 fix lamp is part of the amazing LED collection designed by Mikko Kärkkäinen, the owner and founder of the Tunto brand.
  • Tunto LED60 Ceiling/ Wall lamp
    675,75 € 795,00 € -15% Delivery time: 6-8 weeks
    Twice as powerful as its LED40 counterpart, the wall/ceiling LED60 fix lamp  can give either a forward or a side-facing light, as you wish. It’s simple and uncluttered design doesn’t prevent it from being very efficient at illuminating rooms such as offices, kitchens, corridors and living rooms.
  • Tunto LED120 Ceiling/ Wall lamp
    595,00 € 700,00 € -15% Delivery time: 6-8 weeks
    The LED120 wall/ceiling lamp, by Tunto, is  an all-new lighting solution for spaces which require indirect lighting. Made out of hand-picked wood in Tunto’s workshop in Finland, this lamp combines functionality and efficiency as it displays a soft light upwards and downwards. Its shape is in fact a long wooden rectangle, with a clean and seamless surface.
  • DCW Editions Gras n°204 wall lamp
    583,23 € Delivery: 2 weeks
    Designed in 1921 by  Bernard-Albin Grass, the Grass series is originally aimed for offices and industrial environments. Free of any screws and welded joints, the simple, ergonomic and robust lamp began to seduce many amateurs and designers. After a while, the Grass series began to be upgraded an viewed as a design series in which the wall lamp Grass n°204...
  • DCW Editions Gras n°222 wall lamp
    419,87 € Delivery: 2 weeks
    The DCW Gras n°222 wall lamp is part of the amazing Gras series, designed in 1921 by Bernard-Albin in Paris. Placed above your bed or in every room that needs an original, yet efficient lighting solution, the Gras n°22 lamp will astonish your visitors with its robust yet very ergonomic design.
  • DCW Editions Gras n°303 wall lamp
    394,46 € Delivery: 2 weeks
    Re-edited in 2008 by DCW Editions, the Gras series was originally designed by Bernard-Albin Gras in 1921. At the beginning, this series was destined for industrial applications but little by little it reached the status of decorative element. The Grass n°303 wall lamp is proud to be part of this unique series and does not besmirch DCW Editions’ reputation.
  • DCW Editions Gras n°217 wall lamp
    521,51 € Delivery: 2 weeks
    The Gras series has been designed in 1921 by Bernard-Albin Gras for the use in offices and industrial environments.  But little by little, it reached everyone’s house thanks to its simple, ergonomic yet efficient design. Today, the Gras n°217 is still a very appreciated wall lamp that will accompany you during long reading hours.
  • Umage Eos Up Wall/Ceiling Lamp
    109,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The Umage Eos Up is the perfect companion for small spaces in need of big designs. Eos Up gives a soft, warm light that adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to any interior decor. Its clever construction makes it easy to mount directly onto the ceiling or wall.
  • Wever & Ducre Box Mini GU10
    57,29 € 67,40 € -15% In stock
    Lighting 2 in 1, spot and wall lamp with a rectangular design. 
  • Wall lamp bulb
    17,00 € Delivery: 2 weeks
    Design wall lamp letting appear all the beauty of a bulb. 
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