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We are careful with quality at all steps and the material is the most important factor for the product’s function. Due to this, considerable emphasis has been put on choosing the right material and the right supplier – a supplier with the necessary skills for transforming the material into the finished product.

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  • 129,00 € Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    It just used to be in the movies where people can control their appliances with a mere touch or swipe on a screen. But now, CableCup created an ingenious way to make this accessible through Atmos. Simply speaking, CableCup Atmos lets you control your lamps by using your smartphone. Since we can do so many things through mobile apps, why not controlling...
  • 12,00 € In stock
    Ceiling roses are probably one of the most practical innovations ever in lighting and fixtures. It covers stubborn and ugly cable wires on the ceiling that ruin the aesthetic look of any room. What’s different and outstanding about CableCup Ceiling Rose is its soft material that allows it to turn inside out without worry of breakage or deterioration. 
  • 11,00 € Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Hide those annoying cables that make your ceiling look cluttered and unorganized. The CableCup Hide Ceiling Rose is the perfect solution. It has enough space to hide all unwanted and ugly cables attached to your ceiling.
  • 27,60 € In stock
    CableCup Loop Cord Set is a basic but classy light fitting that has a couple of different uses and other possibilities. This pendant lamp is very simple but tickles your creative mind.
  • 22,00 € In stock
    CableCup Multiple Ceiling Rose is another smart and practical innovation for fixing your home for better living. It is simply a tool that helps you cover stubborn and ugly cable wires that protrude from your ceiling. The bonus part of this tool is the multiple holes that are present in this ceiling rose.
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CableCup lighting

Both the product and our company have their origin in a newly purchased kitchen lamp. Looked great, but there was a problem. It was impossible to get the ceiling rose to fit right. With an interest in interior design, this was a disturbing element in an otherwise fully satisfactory kitchen.

The actual idea of being able to turn a ceiling rose inside out came to Lars while he was trying to sleep. The morning after he started work with making a rose that could be turned inside out so as to meet all the demands placed on a ceiling rose. Lars and Jonas worked together in developing the function and design of the ceiling rose, which received the name CableCup.

Production is conducted in Sweden by experienced injection moulders using modern machinery. Assembly is on our premises and each product is inspected for quality at least twice before being placed in shop packaging. They are then packed and sent out to our distributors.

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