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Diesel with Foscarini Where design meets fashion
These refreshing collections are the result of the successful collaboration between Foscarini and Diesel. These passionate designs imbued with irony and creativity arose out of the Diesel motto “successful living”.

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Diesel with Foscarini lighting

Diesel is a brand name that stands for passion, individuality and self-expression. It is a brand name for those who seek out their own unique way of life. The Italian fashion brand became known worldwide through the production of jeans and watches. In the meantime, their product range has extended to accessories, perfumes and eventually furniture and lighting.

In 2009, Diesel began its collaboration with Foscarini under the title “Successful Living from Diesel”. The philosophy behind Diesel is reflected unchanged in these designs. The collections explore new design trends in a quirky, unique way.

The designs of Diesel with Foscarini show astonishing diversity. The lighting is supplied to a wide variety of sectors, rock to pop, industrial to vintage, and more. And, along with a fine eye for design, the end result is exclusive contemporary lighting.

Just like Foscarini, Diesel has an insatiable appetite for innovation. The Diesel with Foscarini brand is constantly searching for new materials, surprising shapes and innovative technologies. Diesel’s daring nature is reflected in the bold forms and contrasting combinations of materials.

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