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EBB & FLOW creates and manufactures lighting solutions as well as practical and ornamental products. The brand’s designs are based on a conventional British and Nordic style with the addition of a passion for fundamental materials such as glass, metal, and textiles. The end product is a mixture of lighting and glass with a carefree simplicity, intense color, and a contemporary touch.

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EBB & FLOW lighting

The brand was created by Susanne Nielson, an entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience in international trade, marketing, and concept development, particularly related to textiles and the home decor industry. While she lived in London for a few years, Susanne came back to Denmark in 2009. She brought with her a passion for interior design as well as inspiration gathered from various countries’ cultures and craft customs. It was then that she decided to form Who Found Otto, the predecessor to EBB & FLOW. Who Found Otto focused on vintage furniture and textiles. Since then, the brand has continued to expand on its basis of mixing the old with the new and creating custom, long-lasting design.

Through their products, EBB & FLOW aims to create a friendly, happy atmosphere. This is achieved through their use of color and shapes, which encourage and provide long-lasting splendor. The brand has developed various collections, each representing a separate style or inspiration, each performing a different function. EBB & FLOW has also taken on many projects ranging from home-improvement to commercial fittings in the form of bars and restaurants. All of which can be viewed on their Website.

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