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Faro lamps

Faro Barcelona was born in 1986 under the name LOREFAR SL Under the brand Faro Barcelona we commercialized more than 5,000 references, offering a To varied but integrated offer that covers any need in lighting and ventilation.

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  • 129,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The Balda-G White special lamp is ingeniously simple enough to be conspicuously placed anywhere around or outside your home, but bright and practical enough to make all the difference in the world.
  • 39,00 € In stock
    This portable lamp made from opal ABS and emitting an LED light source containing a 3W power is a great option when looking for a simple and easy to use portable lamp for any on-the-go circumstance or situation. The design of the lamp, with an easy to carry handle, is perfectly crafted so that it has the ability to be as mobile as you are.
  • 233,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The Beacon Bu-Oh is a small, compacting lamp that is designed for not only practicality, but for the traveling and non-materialistic wanderer. One that looks for functionalism rather than aesthetic appeal, though the beacon lamp does offer both.
  • 174,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The Bu-Oh LED White Wall Lamp is created for the functionality of lighting up any outdoor area. Small enough to fit into any theme, this wall lamp is a great addition that is conspicuous enough to not draw too much attention, but strong enough to make a difference in lighting in an outdoor situation and during any occasion.
  • 118,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Not to be confused with the details or features of our feline friends, the Cat Portable Lamp, is however, a portable device that signifies simplicity and practicality.
  • 345,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    This beacon lamp, created by Estudi Ribaudi, is a fantastic addition to your outdoor environment. Subtle, yet effective, the lamp stands at 50 cm high and emits a light with LED technology. This warm lighting is mainly designed with directional lighting in mind. With this lamp, it is possible to characterize and give eyes and light to passageways in the...
  • 115,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Brought by Estudi Ribaudi once more, comes an innovative design, built for another extension of outdoor lighting. The GROW LED dark grey wall lamp is a great addition to the collection which allows for a simple, yet powerful and purposeful lighting situation.
  • 83,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The LOUD LED Portable lamp with speaker is built and designed for any outdoor circumstance, scenery and setting. The orange handle is an addition of the lamp for the innovation of portability in so that it can be carried with ease, much like that of a water bottle.
  • 109,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    This portable lamp is not only fashionable in design, it is practical in its weight, form and shape. It is a perfect fit for outdoor or indoor usage. It can spruce up any outdoor veranda or garden for night time use, or can give an indoor display modern yet practical style.
  • 55,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The SENTINEL matt white wall lamp is a great and highly regarded wall lamp that can fit the most modern of places. The theme of your lamp can not only be held and combined in outdoor situations, it can also be characteristically placed within an indoor setting as well.
  • 243,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Also in the search for a combination of straight lines and rounded edges comes the design for the Sticker LED dark grey beacon lamp. This lamp is also designed for the outdoors and since it comes with the fact that it must not be pinned to a wall, the beacon light is virtually portable and has everything that you would love from an outdoor lamp.
  • 183,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The Sticker LED Dark Grey Wall Lamp is a fantastic outlet for the practical and considerately space conscious designer. When creating the theme for your outdoor space, the Sticker Wall Lamp can be easily integrated into your design.
  • 155,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    This all-white table lamp from Spain is a perfect addition to any simple, modern styled home looking to keep the theme of a house, garden or room looking in mint and clean condition.
Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items

Faro lighting

Faro Group are a team of people, internationally oriented and high professionalism, covering all phases of the business of lighting and ventilation, from design and manufacturing to distribution. We offer an integrated and comprehensive offer thanks to our twelve lines of business represented by five brands that currently make up our group: Faro Barcelona, ​​Dresslight, Vitrogaruti and Biosca & Botey.

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