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Brokis Shadows

Brokis Shadows

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Brokis Shadows Set

Brokis Shadows Set

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Brokis Muffins Table / Floor Lamp

Brokis Muffins Table / Floor Lamp

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Brokis Whistle

Brokis Whistle

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Brokis Mona Pendant

Brokis Mona Pendant

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Fatboy lamps

Fatboy offers a wide range of colourful bean bags, huge lamps, oversized sunshades, magical hammocks, super-relaxed dog beds and exuberant outdoor accessories.

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  • 67,15 € 79,00 € -15% In stock
    Fatboy’s Bolleke is a hanging lamp that performs a variety of functions, one of them being illumination. The lamp is wireless, powerful, and rechargeable. Due to the ingenious design, which includes a suitable loop, the Bolleke lamp is extremely user-friendly. 
  • 55,25 € 65,00 € -15% In stock
    Fatboy’s Edison offering is based on Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb in 1879. The collection contains three different sizes, namely: Edison the Petite, Edison the Medium, and Edison the Grand.
  • 539,10 € 599,00 € -10% Delivery time: 1-2 weeks
    Reduced price!
    Fatboy’s Rockcoco Transparent is the first chandelier lighting solution that is able to be used in exterior spaces. Hang it above your jacuzzi area, or on your patio to provide a funky, retro feel. You can, however, also hang it inside above your dining room table, or in your living area.
  • 80,10 € 89,00 € -10% Delivery time: 1-2 weeks
    Reduced price!
    Fatboy’s Spheremaker is probably one of the most customizable lighting solutions made available by the brand. Not only does the Spheremaker make for the ideal LED ceiling light, which would be suitable for any interior space, but it allows you to decide on the sizing and coloring of the light
  • 152,15 € 179,00 € -15% In stock
    Fatboy’s Thierry le Swinger is a LED lamp with various functionalities. It is provided with a line which makes hanging it from almost any point effortless. This could be from a parasol, tree branch, or railing. The second option, however, is to secure the Thierry le Swinger light into the ground by making use of the beach wood stand which is specifically...
  • 75,65 € 89,00 € -15% In stock
    Fatboy’s Transloetje is a table lamp with an individual form. While, from the outside, it may seem like an outdated lamp design, it contains an energy efficient LED light bulb. 
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Fatboy lighting

This company, was inspired by the music of Fatboy Slim. To bring a new set of taste and cheekiness, but not to back down on design, quality and precision, Jukka Setalla, a Finnish designer first began this brand name with the intent of making it big. However, Dutchman Alex Bergman truly developed the brand around it, and revolutionised its name and made it into the brand it is today. From the name Fatboy, it entitles that each of these products are designed with the “wonder-fuller life” in mind and its envision set on an over-sized life.

Fatboy branches out into products from lighting to seating, outdoor accessories, to lamzac and indoor accessories. This sets the brand name apart from the rest, from its creative and innovative cheekiness to its unique names and colors. Their products find the perfect balance between refinement and practicality. They also bring their own twist to a modern tale.

From beanbags to concrete seats, from ottomans and pouffes to “Attackle!”, an in and outdoor bench shaped like a dachshund, their furniture sets a statement and guarantees smiles.

Fatboy’s outdoor line includes products such as Parasols, hammocks, outdoor lighting and picnic lounges, such as rugs and blankets for the perfect outing in style. Lamzacs are also a part of their outdoor line, which are the inflatable loungers which you may see on the beach or on the water.

Their extra accessories truly hit the mark when they were trying to design products out of the box.
They have products ranging in Doggielounges, Lekkerplekkuh, which are stickers for windows, stuffed bunnies and inflatables, carpets, tables, portable lamps, quilts and service items used to repair the products that you procure from Fatboy and its design line.

Being unique is this brand’s strong suit, so when you are looking for design with a quirky and clever side, choose Fatboy.

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