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Fermob lamps

Fermob has developed a passion for nature and as such aims to protect it and show respect for it throughout their production process. This is proven by their ISO certificate, which the company received in March 2010. Founded in Thoissey (Ain, France), Fermob generates approximately 400 000 products annually, including various lighting solutions.

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Fermob lighting

Strict quality checks are implemented throughout Fermob’s production process. These include a quality assessment on the raw materials, checking the welds, paintwork, assembly, and, finally, the completed product. Each Fermob lamp, and other products, are signed off by an supervisor.

In order to abide by their environmental values, Fermob makes use of metal (steel or aluminium) as their fundamental raw material in all their furniture and lamps. Metal is one of the few materials with an internationally organized, economical recycling process in place. As such, the brand can be certain of the fact that their furniture is recyclable AND has been recycled.

With regards to their paints, Fermob makes use of powder paints, which are solvent-free and used in a zero-release venue. The residues of these are completely recyclable. The paints are not harmful to the health of employees and have no negative affects on the environment. Furthermore, Fermob UV-proofs their paint in order to keep it looking brighter for longer amidst outdoor elements.

Finally, Fermob’s product-development teams and designers are committed to reducing unnecessary detail, therefore optimizing the raw materials and creating light-weight products. There is also a strong focus on energy usage which is incorporated in various production methods, including oven-drying metal parts (saving 30% of energy) and decreasing the paint-curing temperature by 10%. 

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