Halo Edition lamps

Halo Edition is designed and produced by Mandalaki in Italy. Halo Edition Art direction & concept by Mandalaki.

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    The Halo Edition Big Floor Lamp is the most solid and multipurpose brand of the Halo editions. The shape of the floor lamp is ergonomic, powerful, and indispensable as a result of its solid design. This floor lamp is simple to position in different environments.
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    Without mincing words, the Halo Edition Evo Floor Lamp is a modern floor lamp design that mixes art with know-how. It is an ultra-compact floor lamp, even though it makes use of a dichroic filter to break up light into an endless spectrum of colors.
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    Is all you need for your office or home a wonderful and unique brilliant floor lamp? Then look no further than the Halo Edition One Floor Lamp. This is a floor lamp that defines style and practicality. It fits modern, urban, contemporary, and ultra-modern décor.
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    There is no other ceiling lamp that can offer your room or space the maximum lighting it deserves than the Halo Edition Sky Ceiling Lamp. Its great features and unique design makes it stand out from the crowd.
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    Your choice of lamp and its location can have a great impact on the atmosphere of your room. If you want to add color, attractiveness, and elegance to your space and the entire space, Halo Edition Up Table Lamp is recommended for you.
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Halo Edition lighting

The Halo Project is the result of the optical research carried out by Mandalaki Design Studio whose goal is the union of art with technology.

Combining the research with innovative industrial design process, Mandalaki create unique pieces of high conceptual value that are more than just a source of illumination. Halo is an optical instrument capable of creating art installations that enlarge the perception of the space.

The physical part of the project is a pure and minimal element which is carved from a solid plate of high-end black anodized aluminum refined iron, brass, and glass.

The advanced LED technology features a sophisticated optical system specifically designed to achieve a vast and precise projection of colors and shades.

Halo collection is available in two different colors, both inspired by nature.

Sunset Red comes from the tone of the sunset and brings the feeling of the sun to your space giving a warm and calming sensation.

The second, Deep Blue, was inspired by the outer space and create an optical illusion of deepness.

The result is an intense and vibrant natural color palette that create an incredible sense of infinity.

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