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Timo, a designer, junior secondary school teacher, and father of two sons is also the founder of Himmee. While growing up, Timo played with Legos and longed for a career in NHL, but this soon became a pipe dream.

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  • 415,00 € Delivery time: 1-2 weeks
    Modern and intellectual, the Himmee Filly Floor Lamp is another great product in a larger series of lighting, completely made of natural materials. Available in two variations of size and colours, this interesting product will serve in both private and business premises.
  • 354,00 € Delivery time: 1-2 weeks
    Indeed, this would soon turn into another classic. The Himmee Filly Table Lamp is an awarded product, a combination of industrial design and natural elements, powerful source of natural lights that gives an additional value to any interior.
  • 325,00 € Delivery time: 1-2 weeks
    Decorate your walls with a style and bring more optimism into any interior with the Himmee Filly Wall Lamp. Natural and energy friendly, this lamp is suitable for both modern and classically designed homes and offices. In addition, Filly is available in two colour variations.
  • 299,00 € In stock
    Himmee Lento is a series of pendants that consists of three different yet somehow similar lamps and play an important part of the modern décor. Lento pendants represent an easy way to lighten your interior without taking up valuable space on the wall or the floor.
  • 419,00 € Delivery time: 1-2 weeks
    Dimmable and made of natural materials, the Himmee Loop is a beautifully designed table lamp that will give an effective touch of style into your interior. Whether you need a decoration for your desk or to make a pleasant reading corner, Loop is a great solution for all.
  • 339,00 € Delivery time: 1-2 weeks
    A combination of the high quality and personal design, the Himmee Toad 1UP is a fantastic table lamp, able to provide soft dimmable light and create nice and warm atmosphere. Made of natural elements, the lamp is available in two colour variations.
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Himmee lighting

Throughout his career as a designer, he has created products, marketing campaigns, and everything associated with these. His aim has been to travel throughout the globe in search for the perfect manufacturers for his lamps.

While he has come across manufacturers that would work, the partnership has always, at some point, come to an end for numerous reasons. Fed up with continuous analyzing and negotiations, Timo returned to teaching.

It wasn’t long, however, before his passion for lamps was reignited and he therefore decided to start Himmee. As such, Himmee takes care of the entire design process of the lamps, including the manufacturing and distribution thereof. While this was a challenging initiative to take on, Timo received enough encouragement from his family and friends to design and produce Himmee’s lamps.

Himmee is Timo’s idea of excellent design devoid of compromises and negotiations but, instead, delivered straight to the consumer.

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