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Ingo Maurer lamps

Ingo Maurer started to design exceptional lamps, lighting systems and objects beginning in the middle of the 1960s, which his company produces and distributes worldwide. This is why we can realize our ideas without compromises.

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Ingo Maurer lighting

For over four working decades, Ingo Maurer and Team – as he refers to the co-workers – has constantly grown. We are now a group of more than sixty people. The address in Munich, Schwabing has remained the same since 1970. However, in 2005 we outgrew our production facilities in the courtyard at Kaiserstrasse 47 and a new location for production and shipping was established on the outskirts of Munich. In the former production hall, Ingo Maurer and his team created a spacious showroom, the second after New York, and the only one in Europe.

Our project department has steadily evolved from the design of exhibitions at trade fairs, festivities and special installations of the lighting system YaYaHo. Ingo Maurer takes on commissions for lighting as well as interior light-planning. In addition to the sale of our regular products, the projects are now an important part of our activities. The challenges they pose have often been invigorating and inspiring, both through the people involved and the spaces that are to be designed.The projects permit Ingo Maurer to realize his ideas for artistic installation or lighting objects, providing at the same time intriguing and pleasant spaces for those who will live or work in them.

Sadly Jenny Lau passed away on November 21, 2014. Jointly with Ingo, she has been the heart and soul of our company for decades.

We will miss her dearly.

Since he started to work as lighting designer, Ingo Maurer has always collaborated closely with the photographers entrusted with the creation of images of lamps and project work. In the 1960s, Angelika von Mutius was the main photographer, later Christof Piepenstock, both located in Munich. Since many years, Ingo Maurer works with Tom Vack.

The photos of the offices and workshops mostly are by Robert Fischer and Deidi von Schaeven. Most of the team portraits are by Frank Koschembar. Many other images which are used on the website are by other photographers, which we state where possible, and by team members. A list of photographers is included on the ​imprint page.

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