Muuto lamps

Muuto is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition characterized by enduring aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship and an honest expression.

By expanding this heritage with forward-looking materials, techniques and bold creative thinking, our ambition is to deliver new perspectives on Scandinavian design.

In fact our name, Muuto, comes from muutos, meaning new perspective in Finnish. We handpick leading contemporary designers who are strong interpreters of our philosophy and combine their talents with the passionate Muuto creative team.

You will know our design because it has muutos: objects made sublime through new perspectives, enjoyed across the world, representing the best of Scandinavian design today.

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  • Muuto E27 LED Pendant Lamp
    71,10 € 79,00 € -10% In stock
    For a modern, cheeky and fun interior lighting, the Muuto E27 LED Pendant Lamp is sure to bring all these to any space. A modern approach to a classical design, it will give any space a lighter, fresh feel.
  • Muuto Unfold Suspension Lamp
    184,50 € 205,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    A different design for suspension lighting, the Muuto Unfold Suspension Lamp brings the best approach. Fun and quirky, yet highly functional, the Muuto Unfold Suspension Lamp is the right way to go.
  • Muuto Ambit Pendant
    143,10 € 159,00 € -10% In stock
    They introduced the Muuto Ambit Pendant Lamp for its amazing and optically intelligent design. This lamp looks very powerful, which helps in attracting buyers. This light has seven variants of different colors which can easily suit any place.
  • Muuto Grain Suspension Lamp
    148,50 € 165,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Jens Fager’s Muuto Grain Suspension Lamp is a unique design. Simple, and elegant, the diffused light give any room or space a warm and subtle lighting that welcomes anyone.
  • Muuto Tip Floor Lamp
    386,10 € 429,00 € -10% In stock
    The Muuto Tip Floor Lamp is comparatively compact and features a 250cm cord, making it suitable to be carried almost anywhere. It is great for shinning ambient light on any wider or larger space. By so doing, you can pay attention to particular targets and take pleasure in outstanding and exceptional peripheral vision.
  • Muuto Leaf LED Floor Lamp
    350,10 € 389,00 € -10% In stock
    This floor lamp is highly recommended because it is packed with utmost practicability and elegance. The Muuto Leaf LED Floor Lamp is the lamp you need for all your lighting troubles.
  • Muuto Rime Pendant Lamp
    485,10 € 539,00 € -10% In stock
    Light up and illuminate your home interior and décor using the Muuto Rime Pendant Lamp. It gives a soft expression and makes a leading pendant lamp that allows for light to shine slightly through with slight touch.
  • Muuto Control Table Lamp
    134,10 € 149,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    For a modern, cheeky and fun interior lighting, the Muuto Control Table Lamp is sure to bring all these to any space. A modern approach to a classical design, it will give any space a lighter, fresh feel.
  • Muuto Tip LED Table Lamp
    242,10 € 269,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Jens Fager’s Muuto Tip LED Table Lamp is a highly functional, minimalistic design approach for effective lighting. With dimmable light, this is the perfect lamp for any office or at home office desk or table space.
  • Muuto Leaf LED Table Lamp
    242,10 € 269,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    A sleek and modern design, the Muuto Leaf LED Table Lamp is the prefect table lamp. The leaf design gives the design a soothing feel, while lighting effectively.
  • Muuto Ambit Rail Suspension Lamp
    724,50 € 805,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    It is not often that we see both elegant and practical lamps such as with the Muuto Ambit Rail Suspension Lamp. This suspension lamp has come at an important time to deliver all that was missing in the lamp industry.
  • Muuto Strand Open Suspension Lamp
    301,50 € 335,00 € -10% In stock
    When great design is coupled with perfect functionality, it produces the Muuto Strand Open Suspension Lamp. This is a suspension lamp is well-suited for your day to day activities and will definitely make your spaces more spectacular and heartier.
  • Muuto Focus Table Lamp
    143,10 € 159,00 € -10% In stock
    The Muuto Focus Table Lamp is a one of a kind lamps that not only brings elegance but also great craftsmanship and a mind-blowing sense of style. Its bright and warm glow lights up every place it is used. This lovely lamp is truly one of a kind and if delivery is what you want, you have the perfect lamp.
  • Muuto Pull Floor Lamp
    481,50 € 535,00 € -10% In stock
    Are you in need of a stunning, new, simple, and fabulous floor lamp? Then the Muuto Pull Floor Lamp is all you need to experience the true beauty of your interior.
  • Muuto Kink Vase
    184,50 € 205,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    When it comes to bringing attractiveness to your home the Muuto Kink Verse is unbeatable. The Kink Vase Muuto combines ceramic craft with modern technology, resulting in a sculptural and contemporary piece. The double opening of the vase shows a new way of arranging flowers. It infuses its surroundings with gladness.
  • Muuto Ambit Wall Lamp
    314,10 € 349,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Another successful design by TAF studio, the Muuto Ambit Wall Lamp is a top choice. The delicate look and effective light is perfect for any room, kitchen or hall.
  • Muuto Strand Closed Suspension Lamp
    665,10 € 739,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Give your ceiling a cloud-like look with this Muuto Strand Closed Suspension Lamp. It is designed with openings at the top and bottom to give your interior a glowing look and a feeling of harmony.
  • Muuto Platform Tray
    53,10 € 59,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    The Muuto Platform Tray is a versatile tray that marries function with aesthetics. You can use your Platform Tray by Muuto for multi-task such as a base for ornamental settings, fruit bowl or serving tray.
  • Muuto Ridge Vase
    53,55 € 59,50 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    The Muuto Ridge Vase with its narrow shape, artful character, and sculptural expression offer the best way to to showcase flowers. The surface of Ridge Muuto Vase comes decorated with embossed ridges. These subtle grooves form a sophisticated serration and give the Ridge Muuto Vase a plant-like and an organic dimension.
  • Muuto Framed Mirror
    287,10 € 319,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Framed Mirror Muuto is a new decorative design piece that leads all thoughts into installation. The Muuto Framed Mirror adds not just the functionality of a mirror to your home, but almost seen as an art object on the wall with its tone-in-tone color, organic shape, and depth.
  • Muuto Open Candelabra
    71,10 € 79,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Muuto Open Candelabra is a stylish and refined candleholder design. Open Candelabra by Muuto is not just unique, but it can also make candlestick the character of your living area. The elegant, graphic details of Open Candelabra by Muuto provide your candlestick a distinctive shape perfect for any atmosphere.
  • Muuto Pebble Rug
    1 034,10 € 1 149,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Pebble Rug Muuto is produced using a canvas stand layer in jute with welcoming, woolen loops atop. On the materiality of Pebble Rug Muuto design, the idea was to make use of materials that turned on the interplay of light within a space. By combining jute—a material that reproduces light—with wool—Muuto Pebble Rug gets a refined and modern expression.
  • Muuto Twine Cushion
    161,10 € 179,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    The Muuto Twine Cushion embodies a modern and sophisticated expression. Fashioned by Aiayu for Muuto, the Twine Cushion is an embodiment of a modern and refined expression. Comforting and welcoming, Twine Cushion Muuto boasts warmth and style with tactile character comprising of unique knitted pebbles produced with soft Ilama wool.
  • Muuto Tile Cushion
    112,50 € 125,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Decorate your home with the outstanding geometric pattern of Muuto Tile Cushion. There are no better ways to give your home an attractive look than the Tile Cushion by Muuto. The Tile Muuto Cushion is made with 100% wool.
  • Muuto Rhythm Throw
    265,50 € 295,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Bringing soft intimacy and warmth into your modern home with Muuto Rhythm Throw is the perfect way to give your home a textural touch. Rhythm Throw Muuto embodies utmost comfort, functionality, and style. Use the ground-breaking throw on a bed, lounge chair or sofa for keeping warm at night.
  • Muuto Ample Throw
    355,50 € 395,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    The munificently proportioned Muuto Ample Throw is designed to bring enveloping comfort and attractive warmth to any setting. The simple design and quality materials used in creating Ample Throw by Muuto make it a must-have in any home setting.
  • Muuto Sway Throw
    134,10 € 149,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Designed for Muuto by Tina Ratzer, Sway is an elegant merino wool throw that mixes comfort with aesthetics. The timeless look of Muuto Throw makes it adaptable for many surroundings and refined, while high quality wool used in its production places it between apparel and product.
  • Muuto Beam Led Table Lamp
    242,10 € 269,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    A uniquely industrial approach, Tom Chung’s Muuto Beam Led Table Lamp is a one of a kind table lamp. With a sleek cylinder that emanates light from both ends, it is sure to fulfill any interior lighting need while giving an interesting look and feel.
  • Muuto Fluid Suspension Lamp
    175,50 € 195,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Lamps have never looked heartier as with the Muuto Fluid Suspension Lamp. This suspension lamp is a one of a kind pieces of art that will entirely change your perception on lamps. This is the best lamp you could ever have.
  • Muuto Varjo Rug
    602,10 € 669,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    The Muuto Varjo Rug was made with the finest quality wool from New Zealand. The Varjo Rug by Muuto is a subtle, unique, and detailed rug suitable for home interiors and décor.
  • Muuto Cosy In Grey Table Lamp
    242,10 € 269,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    It’s not often that a lamp is both perfectly designed and also easy to setup and use as with the Muuto Cosy In Grey Table Lamp. This lamp allows you to redefine your space all at a very reasonable cost.
  • Muuto Ply Rug
    638,10 € 709,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    The Muuto Ply Rug particularly handcrafted for this new dispensation. The Ply Rug by Muuto blends a contemporary sensibility with timeless design cues. The natural color variations of Ply Muuto Rug add dimension and warmth to your home.
  • Muuto Tip Wall Lamp
    175,50 € 195,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Enhance the space of your modern business or home with Muuto Tip Wall Lamp that provides both ambient and direct lighting with its adjustable head. In addition, the Tip Wall Lamp by Muuto comes with an opal diffuser for providing softer lighting and a differ function to adjust the illumination volume.
  • Muuto Post LED Floor Lamp
    584,10 € 649,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Muuto Post LED Floor Lamp is a perfect addition to any space. it is flexible enough to allow you to position, dim, and move the lamp to various corners within your interior.
  • Muuto Post LED Wall Lamp
    242,10 € 269,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Give your space a new and stunning look with the Muuto Post LED Wall Lamp. It complements the inner beauty of your wall with its simple and flexible lamp that can be adjusted to suit your preference.
  • Muuto Under The Bell Suspension Lamp
    512,10 € 569,00 € -10% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Be amazed by the Iskos Berlin design of the Muuto Under The Bell Suspension Lamp. The soft shade combined with graphic lines give it a soft and sophisticated look.
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Muuto lighting

Muuto lamps

As you would expect from us, we offer anything but standard lamps. If you really want something special, you will always find a suitable lamp with us. This may be a lamp from a well-known designer, but can just as easily be a lamp from a new designer. It is a fact that with us you never buy lamps that everyone already has hanging. By choosing our lamps, you really make a difference.

More than just lamps

The Muuto lamp fits perfectly in our range. Muuto lamps represent a new generation of lamps, developed by two Danish friends. Development is in these guys' blood, because from the first Muuto lamp that came on the market, many people have fallen in love with these Danish lamps. Muuto does not only stand for lamps, but can also be considered as a design label. A label that also offers design furniture and accessories.

Muuto literally stands for new perspective

Muuto is a very beautiful label that only brings the most beautiful and unique lamps on the market. Muuto freely translated means 'new perspective'. And that is exactly what the Muuto lamps offer. These lamps have shaken up the lamp industry and indeed offer a new perspective. So you see, it's not surprising that we also give young talents a chance. They often turn out to be able to offer very special lamps due to their unique perspective.

The lamps can be described as minimalistic and highly functional

If you look at the range of Muuto lamps, you will recognise them out of thousands. The various pendant lamps are impressive and score well with our customers. The Muuto lamp could be described as minimalist and functional. This combination, as you can see in our generous range, only results in beautiful lamps. Lamps where the uniqueness is sometimes hidden in the small and refreshing details.

Developments follow each other rapidly

The Muuto lamp is a beautiful and very valuable addition to our range. The often apparent designs are unique. A Muuto lamp is now available in many different colours. And for some time now, Muuto lamps have also been available in pastel shades. The developments within the Muuto brand follow each other in rapid succession.

The Muuto lamp is not to be trifled with

The Muuto lamp cannot be classified under one denominator. Muuto lamps are ideally suited for hanging from the ceiling. Or you can choose to hang this lamp on the wall. The curves of these lamps seem very soft, while they are all lamps that keep you watching. Take a look at the table lamps. These have an industrial look. A special feature is the version with a slim cylinder that emits light at both ends. This allows this lamp to meet all needs. The look and feel of this table lamp is also very special.

Fun and quirky coupled with functionality

The floor lamps by Muuto are also worthy of note. These lamps provide atmospheric ambient light. The floor lamps by Muuto offer exceptional peripheral vision and are suitable for large spaces. In fact, Muuto offers something special with each lamp. This is even more true for the pendant lamps. You can opt for a different type of pendant lighting or for a lamp with a lampshade. All the pendant lamps of this brand are both fun and quirky and combine those qualities with functionality.

We have Muuto pendant lights and wall lights available, among other things

If you are looking for a special lamp, take a look at the range of Muuto lamps. You will come across pendant lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and also floor lamps. The designs can definitely be called intelligent. The Muuto lamps are lamps with a refreshing and unique design. These lamps are produced in an increasing number of colours, which allows Muuto to effortlessly compete with other brands.

Unique design in the world of lighting

The Muuto lamps are special and unique and for that reason alone they meet the requirements we set for our range at LampTwist. We give young designers the opportunity to showcase their unique designs. Although, in the case of Muuto, that is already much less important. In record time, this brand has managed to get its foot in the door in the world of lamps. And that's very clever and tells all about Muuto lamps.

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