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  • Nemo Lampe de Marseille
    483,39 € 568,70 € -15% In stock
    Specifically from the hands and mind of Le Corbusier and directed to the Unité d`Habitation of Marseille, the Lampe de Marseille is an installation of flair, design and functionality. 
  • Nemo Applique a Volet Pivotant Wall Lamp
    210,84 € 248,05 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    The Nemo Applique a Volet Pivotant Wall Lamp with a dimension of 13cm by 17cm is functional, minimalist, and appealing. Without a doubt, the A Applique a Volet Pivotant Wall Lamp by Nemo is a real symbol of design classic.
  • Nemo Alya
    853,65 € 1 004,30 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    The Alya, by Gabriele Rosa, is a basic mixture between simplistic nature and innovative formatting. The structure of design of the Alya is not only perfect in a modern setting, it is also thin enough to fit into a traditional style as well. 
  • Nemo Spigolo Pendant
    771,37 € 907,50 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    This installment lamp in the Spigolo series is available in a horizontal and in a vertical version. The horizontal pendant showcases a quadratic simple rectangle of light, which is suspended in form, parallel to the floor. 
  • Nemo Spigolo Wall
    272,55 € 320,65 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    An installation from the Spigolo Series by Studio Charlie is the Spigolo wall.  The wall version strives more towards its aspects of versatility and comfort. The fixated ambience emitted from the lamp provides enlightenment to the room or area in which it is placed.
  • Nemo Spigolo Floor
    946,22 € 1 113,20 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    StudioCharlie presents the Spigolo Floor, an installment in the Spigolo series specifically designed for a more adaptable and practical resonance and usage. 
  • Nemo In The Wind Floorlamp
    1 810,16 € 2 129,60 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    This lamp series is notable for its warm color lighting and its use of LED to create an ambience that spreads beyond the borders of the lamp. The infrastructure of the In the Wind Floor uses an aluminum extruded bar which is misaligned and torqued through technology to express Arihiro Miyake`s desire to fit in a 360 degree LED light. There is a switch and...
  • Nemo Projecteur 165 Pendant
    169,70 € 199,65 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    The smaller version of the Projecteur 165, this module lamp  is can be used as a wall style or as a pendant version. The Projecteur 165 brings together a touch of a directing studio to a homey style that hangs effortlessly.
  • Nemo Parliament Floor Lamp
    863,94 € 1 016,40 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    Look no further than the Nemo Parliament Floor Lamp if all you want is a beautiful lamp. The Parliament Floor Lamp by Nemo looks elegant, unique, and beautiful in your office, bedroom, or your quiet reading corner. The lamp will not only bring a colorful brush into the décor of your room, but also support your sofa or armchair or just anywhere it is used.
  • Nemo As1c Table Lamp
    1 126,21 € 1 324,95 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    The Nemo AS1C Table Lamp is all you need if you want to add coziness to your room space. The table lamp offers both classic and contemporary lighting. The AS1C Table Lamp by Nemo is perfect for any type of atmosphere, including commercial and residential.
  • Nemo Applique Cylindrique Longue Wall Lamp
    401,11 € 471,90 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    You need the Nemo Applique Cylindrique Longue Wall Lamp to illuminate home spaces and interiors that attract your guests. Applique Cylindrique Longue Wall Lamp by Nemo features a nice simplistic and light blue finish as well as vintage aesthetic that will look attractive and lovely in a lot of decors and interiors. The bigger size of the wall lamp is...
  • Nemo 'Le Grand Bleu' Potence Pivotante Mini Wall Lamp
    390,83 € 459,80 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    The vibration of Le grand bleu, special version of the Potence Pivotante Mini by Charlotte Perriand. An iconic colour for this numbered edition of a timeless paradigm of the lighting design world.
  • Nemo Tru Horizontal Pendant
    1 259,91 € 1 482,25 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    True to the name of Nemo Tru Horizontal Pendant, this luminaire is a minimalist linear with a dual emission that can be down-light, up-light or both. Tru Horizontal Pendant by Nemo is a modern lighting charisma distinguished by beauty, functionality, and minimalism. The modern Tru Horizontal Nemo Pendant brings an updated modern appearance to your home.
  • Nemo Neo LED Floor Lamp
    493,68 € 580,80 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    Do you want to accent your modern space? Then look no further than the Nemo Neo LED Floor Lamp fashioned by Bernhard Ossan. The slender LED Nemo Neo Floor Lamp leans upright against a wall. The terminal lighting unit of the floor lamp rotates for indirect light on itself. It features dimmer and pedal switch.
  • Nemo Lighting Newton Floor Lamp
    1 799,87 € 2 117,50 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    The unique and outstanding quality combined with utmost efficiency makes Nemo Lighting Newton Floor Lamp a cozy and warm white lighting fixture. The quirky Newton Nemo Lighting Floor Lamp makes a statement luminaire for artistic and modern homes. Newton Floor Lamp by Nemo Lighting achieves 162% of the brightness of a 60W incandescent lamp with 1,150 lumens.
  • Nemo Applique de Marseille
    375,40 € 441,65 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    Created originally for the interior design of the artists`s own apartment, the Appliqué de Marseille, was made to bring the finesse of Paris into the walls of a home, whether it is on location or across the world.
  • Nemo Borne Beton
    735,38 € 865,15 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    The Borne Beton, a prestigious and versatile product, is known firsthand for its versatility and viable options for available decoration both indoor and outdoor of your home.
  • Nemo Kepler Suspension Lamp
    1 640,46 € 1 929,95 € -15% Shipped within 5-7 weeks
    The structure of NEMO Kepler Suspension Lamp is a painted aluminum extrusion, whose incessant line is designed with a three-dimensional machining process. Kepler Suspension Lamp by NEMO shows space for its originator and passion for astrology.
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Nemo lighting

Founded in Milan in 1993, NEMO represents, within the design lighting producers’ scenario, a benchmark name, going back to the roots of innovation that always inspired Italian design. The collection of contemporary design includes models conceived by Carlo Forcolini, Jehs + Laub, Javier Mariscal, Karim Rashid, Ilaria Marelli, Foster+Partners, Hannes Wettstein and Roberto Paoli.
Alongside with this wide range of products, Nemo edits the Masters collection, a unique selection of icons, realized by the designers that have provided a fundamental contribution to the creation of the contemporary design: Le Corbusier, Vico Magistretti, Franco Albini, Charlotte Perriand and Kazuhide Takahama.

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