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NEW WORKS offers a collection of products motivated by the senses. Founded in Copenhagen, their creations showcase a chronicle of superior craftsmanship and authentic materials, whilst revealing sculptural forms that connect art with design.

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New Works lighting

The brand partners with a group of well-known designers and artists, worldwide, who are also passionate about organic materials and prominent design. Through these collaborations, they design products that are very practical, yet fascinating to look at.

NEW WORKS' core values include sustainability, research and design, raw materials, and craftsmanship. They hold the organic attributes of materials in high esteem and make use of these as motivation when designing their products. The brand places emphasis on the unique qualities that each material offers. This includes the power of marble, along with the heat of oak.

As already mentioned, NEW WORKS partners with artists and designers who are also passionate about design and who aim to uncover new techniques, materials, and textures. These collaborative experimentations seek to create a new discussion in modern art and design.

NEW WORKS' lamps are designed to be felt and held, in a way that enfolds you with light and warmth. To showcase the materials and methods in the best possible way, the brand makes sure to maintain a sense of the original ‘rawness’. They believe this offers an authentic testimonial of the innate character

Including a mixture of design conventions, along with research and design into multiple new, international methods, NEW WORKS' lamps stretch the limits of material and design. The brand aims to challenge current views on design, while maintaining the sense of craftsmanship in each, completed product.

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