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Schwung is a german word, and loosely defined, means energy or momentum of a positive manner. Synonyms: verve, zest, panache, momentum.

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  • 2 999,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    The SCHWUNG Axis Pendant Lamp is the perfect and best option for an attic style décor and interior. The adjustable arms of Axis Pendant Lamp by Schwung can be adjusted bases on your needs. If you are a design enthusiast, this Axis Pendant Lamp is perfect for you.
  • 899,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    There is no other way to bring balance and harmony to your office or home than with the Schwung Balance nominal linear pendant lamp. It comes in polished nickel or black gunmetal, lacquered burnished brass. Balance Schwung Pendant is a modern suspension lamp that looks stunning and attractive in any home.
  • 499,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    Are you looking for the best dual wall lamp to illuminate your home? Give the Schwung Dawn Dual better-quality Wall Lamp a try to see how it can protect your home. The Dawn Dual Wall Lamp by Schwung was particularly designed to offer focused illumination for your outdoor use in walkways, residential spaces, play areas, and patios for a more secure and...
  • 399,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    The beautiful Schwung Dawn Single Wall Lamp built with quality materials is great for illuminating any space. The Single Schwung Wall Lamp also comes with some unique features that make it a matchless and incomparable wall lamp on the lighting market of today.
  • 399,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    The Schwung Glass Globe Opal Pendant Lamp is a modern lighting fixture perfect for breathing and introducing new style into your commercial or living space. The Glass Globe Opal Pendant by Schwung can be found in Polished Nickel and Black Gunmetal finishes. Also, it can be suspended singularly or you can group it together to give the shape of a cluster...
  • 379,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    The lacquered, burnished, and solid brass features of the Schwung Glass Globe Pendant Lamp gives a timeless and warm aesthetic to its durability and design. In addition, the globes that come with Glass Globe Schwung Pendant Lamp add a poetical touch and floating sensation to the lamp, making it extraordinary and unbeatable.
  • 1 699,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    The Schwung Milan 1-Arm Floor Lamp is a floor lamp with durable fixtures and sophisticated materials. The 1-Arm Schwung Milan Floor Lamp is a modern floor lamp that will not only illuminate your home in a unique way, but also make a statement and appeal in any home or office interior.
  • 599,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    The Schwung Miron Wall Lamp Dimmable with ELV electronic trailing edge dimmers is all you need if you want to light up your décor stylishly. The Miron Schwung Wall Lamp adds immediate personality and character to your home interior and décor seamlessly. It is a quality, cutting-edge, and durable handmade lamp of Schwung.
  • 449,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    The Schwung Naples Wall Sconce Wall Lamp is of unique and outstanding quality. The incomparable features and quality materials of Naples Wall Sconce Wall Lamp by Schwung make it one of the leading lamps in the lighting industry. Why not light up your home space with the elegant Schwung Naples Wall Scone
  • 329,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    The Schwung Odyssey Large Sconce Wall Lamp is a sophisticated wall lamp with charming and sleek personality that blends into all interior setting effortlessly without overwhelming the surrounding interior and décor. The Odyssey Large Sconce Wall Lamp by Schwung uses its transparent glass shade to convey brilliant to the environment.
  • 299,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    The Schwung Odyssey Medium Sconce Wall Lamp consists of a bell-shaped shade and discoid brass base. The Odyssey Medium Sconce Wall Lamp by Schwung emits a tranquil light downwards, and brings an elegant simplicity and timeless touch, whether it is installed on the wall of a bedroom, corridor or your living room.
  • 2 499,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    The various finishes, refined, and simple design of Schwung Odyssey Round Chandelier makes it perfect for any space and environment such as your office and living room. The Odyssey Round Chandelier by Schwung plays a leading role in any home décor. Give this round chandelier a try today for a wonderful lighting experience!
  • 269,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    Create a cozy and warm ambience with the Schwung Odyssey Small Sconce Wall Lamp. This precisely trendy and decadent wall lamp features a transparent glass lampshade with a natural brass finish. The combination of these unique features makes Odyssey Small Sconce Schwung Wall Lamp perfect for adding a modern touch to any living space.
  • 479,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    Do you want to make a striking and exceptional statement in your office or home décor? Then go for the Schwung Oslo Dual Wall Sconce Lamp. It is a matchless and attractive wall lamp that gives your home or office space additional sparkle and illumination. The Oslo Dual Wall Sconce is a stylish and simple lighting fixture that stylishly illuminates your...
  • 579,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    With the lacquered, burnished, and solid brass features, the Schwung Oslo Triple Wall Sconce Lamp gives a timeless and warm aesthetic to the durability and design of the lamp. In addition, the Oslo Triple Wall Sconce Lamp by Schwung features glass globes that will add sensitive float to the lamp. Each glass globe is a piece of exception with the artisans...
  • 399,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    The signature materials that make the Schwung Oslo Wall Sconce Lamp unique and stands out from the crowd include solid brass and mouth blown glass. Brass is among the luxurious and most beautiful material in the precious metals list and it is ideally suitable for lighting because it shines when illuminated. The Oslo Wall Sconce by Schwung is stylish and...
  • 1 599,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    Look no further than the Schwung Zosia Floor Lamp if you want to light up your home or office with style without having to neglect any detail or aspect of the structures. Zosia Schwung Floor Lamp is without doubt a stylish and refined lamp. It can adapt to any atmosphere easily.
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Schwung lighting

developing lighting fixtures through simple and timeless materials, sustainably; we are committed to creating quality products that last. Beginning with the design we are constantly refining aesthetic and function. Both in the lamps themselves and throughout the manufacturing process we pursue a holistic approach to efficiency, and the reduction of environmental impact.

schwung is a lighting concept, connecting aesthetic and quality through matter. An exploration of history, forms and function, elegantly fulfilling an essential need of modern life, capturing light. Our pieces play with architecture or create spaces of their own. Founded by dominique sente (belgium) and rudi nijssen (netherlands). What began as a curiosity for objects, a venture in collecting, curating and trading antiques—became a passion to create original designs.

from the beginning, schwung home has striven for cutting-edge and quality lighting, hand-crafted in europe. Emphasising brass and glass, which are not only durable but can be reused indefinitely, our lamps are 98% recyclable. Today the company operates out of an integrated design and manufacturing facility in poland. This local approach allows us to significantly shorten the product lead time and greatly improve quality standards.

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