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Weltevree lamps

Sometimes nature gives you that feeling of ultimate freedom. Weltevree understands that.

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    The Guidelight, by Floris Schoonderbeek a designer, entrepreneur and concept developer, is just one of his innovative designs, built on practicality and honed by his love of camping. The Guidelight has been deemed as a flashlight, a work light and an outlet for ambient lighting, all in one.
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Weltevree lighting

The Dutch design label develops products that stimulate you to your surroundings - the whole year - to explore and use in a new way. Products that offer comfort, give pleasure and bring you closer to the base; a revival of primary desires.

With our collection we promote an independent and social lifestyle. We work together with our designers to a new idea of ​​quality and luxury. Smart products for your well-being.

The best things in life are for free ; with Weltevree products we can make the natural elements with comfort (always) relive.

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