While recessed and tracked lighting is a great place to start when it comes to your dining room, it's also important to find those featured lights that complete the look. While it's vital to have illuminating lights setting the stage, it's just as important to compliment them with statement light...


Dining Room Floorlamp 

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  • Design House Stockholm Cord Lamp
    311,45 € 346,06 € -10% In stock
    A cord that is also a lamp The cord, one of the most disturbing decorating derails is made useful. In true make love not war spirit they wanted to embrace the cord in a simple yet characteristic product.
  • Harto Elisabeth Floor Lamp
    466,65 € 549,00 € -15% In stock
    Elisabeth Floor lamp is an ideal standing lamp for your sofa room bringing design, colours and elegance in your interior. Thanks to his geometrical aspect and size, this lamp brings a strong but subtle presence into the room  
  • Frandsen Benjamin Floor Lamp
    190,27 € 223,85 € -15% In stock
  • Foscarini Twiggy Floor
    1 403,60 € In stock
    Bring a fun, playful feel to your room or space with the Foscarini Twiggy Floor. This new and interesting lamp brings a fresh pop of color to your décor and is sure to be loved by everyone.
  • Muuto Tip Floor Lamp
    429,00 € Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    The Muuto Tip Floor Lamp is comparatively compact and features a 250cm cord, making it suitable to be carried almost anywhere. It is great for shinning ambient light on any wider or larger space. By so doing, you can pay attention to particular targets and take pleasure in outstanding and exceptional peripheral vision.
  • Design House Stockholm Mañana lamp
    324,70 € 382,00 € -15% In stock
    Like a character from a comic strip relaxing against the wall, Marie-Louise Gustafsson’s Mañana lamp seems to have stepped right out of the sketch book with its pencil thin, graphite lines.
  • Marset Maranga Floor Lamp
    802,23 € In stock
    Maranga is the name of an imaginary, exquisite, tempting and succulent fruit. Imagine by Christophe Mathieu to interpret the warmth and comfort of the Scandinavian style. 
  • Dreizehngrad Funk 22/120S
    492,15 € 579,00 € -15% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Tradition and modern spirit Combine light tradition with a modern spirit. In addition to the high material quality, craftsmanship and design, dreizehngrad designs focus on natural beauty. The materials are shown pure and genuine.
  • Dreizehngrad Swing 30/70S
    500,65 € 589,00 € -15% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Combining nature and technology The Swing 30/70S floor lamp is made perfect with its shade made from sliced veneer to a cross section of 0.6mm. Dreizehngrad manufacture this lamp to fit any home or office as it finds a solace place in any indoor. A perceptively descent lamp with discrete light quality for a mouth watering productive lamp.
  • Le Klint Carronade Floor Lamp
    1 248,65 € 1 469,00 € -15% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    With its easily recognizable form, the Le Klint Carronade Floor Lamp is a functional and original lamp that will finds its purpose and serve as rather unique decoration in many stylish homes, bars, cafes, restaurants and many other places.
  • Tunto Swan Floor
    1 092,25 € 1 285,00 € -15% Delivery time: 6-8 weeks
    Functional and elegant, the Tunto Swan Floor is an exquisite lamp that provides soft lighting and demonstrates the designer’s honed skills in working with wood. This floor lamp is available in five different variations, making it ideal solution for any interior.
  • Moooi Perch Light Floor
    1 547,59 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The Perch Light Floor from the Moooi light fixtures collection is truly an inimitable design. From a distance it resembles an origami bird perched upon a tall, steel railing. The light that emanates from the bird’s body is what makes this lamp extremely exclusive. It’s a gorgeous, well-thought-out and conceptual design – almost intellectual in its...
  • Moooi T Lamp
    2 601,50 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The Moooi T Lamp is a wonder of graceful lines and clean, sophisticated design. Its brilliant outtake has been inspired by the concepts of movement, grace and energy. Each angle and line of the T Lamp from Moooi’s collection features a bold stroke that is the visual reminiscent of fluidity and light motion trapped in a simple, unembellished form. This...
  • Brokis Lightline
    688,49 € Delivery: 6-8 weeks
    This surface lamp, or table lamp, designed by Lucie Koldová, is a celebration of glass artistic abilities. Each lamp is designed carefully and specifically, with four unique types of shapes and colors. The surface of the lamps are sandblasted, which makes the lamp appear more luminous, thus creating a more “lit” lamp, without the lamp actually being on. 
  • &tradition Bellevue AJ7 Floor Lamp
    583,16 € 686,07 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The Bellevue Floor Lamp by &tradition is a one of a kind masterpiece that features an artful articulation as well as a trendy, stylistic aura that can make any interior setting look absolutely ravishing. Simple but unique, this floor lamp stands apart from most designed in similar vein and exudes an understated, subtle elegance that will at once, make it...
  • Brokis Macaron
    2 554,31 € Delivery: 6-8 weeks
    This collection, also designed by Lucia Koldová, is inspired by the structural form of crystalline stone. Engaging in design and even perpetually inviting just by its light, pastel colors, the Macaron lamp is unique and one of a kind.
  • LZF Cosmos Floor Lamp
    1 343,10 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    Cosmos is a floor lamp designed by Mariví Calvo for the brand LZF. Cosmos is a versatile and circular lamp, with an uncluttered, smart and simple design.
  • Tom Dixon Felt Floor Light Grey/White
    395,97 € 465,85 € -15% Delivery time: 4-6 weeks
  • DCW Editions Mantis BS1 Floor Lamp
    1 029,71 € Delivery: 2 weeks
    The Mantis BS1 floor lamp, by DCW Editions,  is a lamp with a unique style designed by Bernard Schottlander. Like an acrobat suspended in mid-air, the Mantis BS1 defies the loies of weightlessness.
  • Marset Funiculi Floor Lamp
    295,24 € Delivery time: 3-6 weeks
    Inspired by “funicular” movement, this simplistic, yet functional lamp is one of the best additions in the Marset Collection. It is the essence of useful combined with sophisticated glossy colors. The ease of access makes this 360 degree lamp one of the most useful.
  • Marset Ginger Floor Lamp
    1 044,23 € Delivery time: 3-6 weeks
    Joan Gaspar offers us a very contemporary Ginger floor lamp. 
  • Marset Ginger XL-XXL Floor Lamp
    2 070,31 € Delivery time: 3-6 weeks
    Floor lamp with a movable arm from the Ginger collection created by Joan Gaspar. 
  • 101 Copenhagen Bull Floor Lamp
    699,00 € Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    The 101 Copenhagen Bull Floor Lamp is a beautifully shaped lamp that is inspired by the use of animals in Danish modernism from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. The Opal glass lampshades emanate a soft glowing light. It is sure to make any room a modern and chic space.
  • Artek A809 Floor Light
    2 694,67 € 3 170,20 € -15% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    True to his love of organic design, the Finnish Architect, Avar Aalto has once again blown us away with his Artek A809 Floor Light. Designed to look like threeclashing tornadoes, the chic and modern desing will give any space a modern and sophisticated look, while providing a playful, warm light.
  • Catellani & Smith Uau F Floor lamp
    669,73 € 744,15 € -10% Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    True to the simplicity of design, the Catellani & Smith Uau F is another addition to their wonderful collection. The Catellani & Smith Uau Fcan be used as a floor lamp, reading light, or as a spotlight effect. Perfect for any room or space.
  • Flos Captain Flint Floor Lamp
    1 181,50 € 1 390,00 € -15% Delivery time: 3-6 weeks
    Designed in 2015, the Flos Captain Flint Floor Lamp has become a favorite of many. The adjustable lampshade gives flexibility, in order to direct the light to any desired direction.
  • DCW Editions Gras n°230 floor lamp
    653,40 € Delivery: 2 weeks
    This GRAS n°230 floor lamp from DCWEditions can be used to illuminate a ceiling giving an atmospheric light in your room. 
  • Mediterranean Objects AMA Floor Lamp
    614,01 € 722,37 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The Mediterranean Objects AMA Floor Lamp is the best lamp mixes and matches materials, colors, and styles. The AMA Floor Lamp by Mediterranean Objects is perfect for an angle of your living room or next to to a comfortable armchair or sofa.
  • Brokis Geometric Table Lamp
    1 566,95 € Delivery: 6-8 weeks
    Decorative table lamp Each piece is unique Made of a unique new material made of handmade glass shards Environmentally friendly and efficient upcycling of material Finished in glass of a different colour of your choice
  • Oluce Switch Floor Lamp
    1 229,06 € 1 445,95 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The Switch 306 proposes a new and modern way to turn a lamp on and off. The ironic, yet technologically advanced development invents a gesture in which is unheard of in the the lamp world. 
  • Moooi Filigree Floor Lamp
    2 334,09 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The Filigree Floor Lamp in the Mooi light collection is a tall, upscale beauty that has been fashioned in the image of a sun-soaking sunflower. The designer, Rick Tegelaar took inspiration from the question, “What distinguishes a lamp from a light source?” in order to design this particular lamp.
  • Frandsen Ball Double Floor Lamp
    318,83 € 375,10 € -15% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    The Frandsen Ball Double Floor Lamp is a lighting system defined by two soft, spherical shades. The mixture of industrial functionalism and classic craftsmanship Ball Double Floor Lamp by Frandsen caters for many situations effortlessly. Ball Double Frandsen Floor Lamp is highly effective when placed in a hallway to spotlight a favorite plant or picture.
  • DCW Editions Gras n°215 floor lamp
    863,94 € Delivery: 2 weeks
    The Gras n°215 floor lamp has been designed by Bernard-Albin Gras, in France, and has been re-edited in 2008 by DCW Editions. This series also includes table, desk, ceiling and wall lamps.
  • DCW Editions Gras n°411 floor lamp
    584,43 € Delivery: 2 weeks
    The floor lamp Gras n°411 consists of a magnificent lamp with a double elbow that allows it to be rotated twice through 340°. It will be your best friend during long hours when you will read a good book.
  • Marset Theia Floor Lamp
    1 172,49 € Delivery time: 3-6 weeks
    From light to shadow with a single gesture. Theia has two faces: to discover them, simply swivel the fixture around its central axis. It can be pointed towards you for use as a reading lamp, or towards an object or a wall, creating a subtle, indirect light that immediately warms the atmosphere. Because Theia’s metal lampshade is totally opaque, this...
  • Artek A808 Floor Light
    3 074,19 € 3 616,69 € -15% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    True to his signature, Avar Aalto never cease to amaze us. The Artek A808 Floor Light has a modern look, giving any space a sophisticated and modern look. The shade has one of the more different and unique designs from Aalto’s collection. Enjoy the playful shapes projected from the organically designed lamp from Artek!
  • Artek A805 Angel Wing Floor Light
    1 725,82 € 2 030,38 € -15% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    True to his designs, Avar Aalto designed the Angel Wing Floor Light in the organic and playful manner like most of his designs. The lamp is sure to please the eye, wherever placed. The playfulness of the light emanates from its angel wing shaped shade has a warm and welcoming feel sure to make you feel at ease.
  • Artek A810 Floor Light
    2 086,83 € 2 455,09 € -15% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    True to his love of organic design, the Finnish Architect, Avar Aalto has once again blown us away with his Artek A810 Floor Light. Designed to look like two tornadoes clashing, the chic and modern desing will give any space a modern and sophisticated look, while providing a playful, warm light.
  • Brokis Balloon Floorlamp
    863,94 € Delivery: 6-8 weeks
    The Brokis Balloon is a simple but timeless lamp that is based on a transparant balloon with a floating reflector inside. It is made from high-quality handblown glass. There are a lot of possible combinations possible such as choice in terms of color of the glass, reflector and cable. Here below you can find all the different possibilities.
  • LZF Link Floor
    1 160,00 € Delivery time: 4-5 weeks
    With its cloud-like structure, the Link floor lamp, designed by Ray Power for the brand LZF, is definitely eye-catching. Made out of wood veneer, its surface is composed of one continuous, seamless side.
  • Artek A811 Floor Light
    1 725,82 € 2 030,38 € -15% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    The Artek A811 Floor Light is another one of Avar Aalto’s great designs for his National Pensions Institute collections. It is manufactured in the same delicate form as all his other sophisticated designs.
  • Valerie Objects Standing Lamp n°1
    1 395,00 € Delivery: 2 weeks
    Standing lamp from Valerie Objects designed by Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen. 
  • Flos IC Lights Floor
    578,00 € 680,00 € -15% Delivery time: 3-6 weeks
    Delicate balance and radiant light distinguished and make FLOS IC Lights Floor stand out from the crowd. It was crafted with quality finishes, materials, and advanced technology. More importantly, there is a FLOS IC Lights Floor design to go with every place in your home.
  • Brokis Muffins Table / Floor Lamp
    721,16 € Delivery: 6-8 weeks
    The Brokis Muffins collection is a broad range that covers multiple designs, colours and forms that can cover your desire that you seek in a lamp, from what it looks like, to the type of lamp, to where in the house it can be set and looks its best. At the bottom of this page you will find samples of all the possibilities for this lamp.
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