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  • Market Set Screen Pendant Lamp
    568,00 € In stock
    Hang the Market Set Screen Pendant Lamp on your dining table to create a fashionable twist. This pendant lamp is all you need to make a statement piece that will fill your large space.
  • Fatboy Can-Dolly candle holder
    65,00 € In stock
    Dog lovers who like a cozy feel in their home; fans of quirky design and candles – everyone will want a Candoll in their life! Meet Can-dog and Can-dolly, Fatboy’s bold and contemporary candle holders. Had a “ruff” day? Brighten your home and mood with relaxing candlelight and a faithful canine companion.  Can be used with standard candles up to 22 mm...
  • Fatboy Transloetje Table Lamp
    95,00 € In stock
    Fatboy’s Transloetje is a table lamp with an individual form. While, from the outside, it may seem like an outdated lamp design, it contains an energy efficient LED light bulb. 
  • Secto Design Octo 4240
    900,00 € In stock
    Authentic illumination The Octo 4240 lamp by Secto Design is a beautiful handcrafted light that casts a gorgeous reflection onto the surroundings. It's elegant and honest design plays with light and shadow, a stunning light with a soft luminosity.
  • Petite Friture Quasar Portable Lamp
    199,00 € In stock
    Quasar is a wireless and portable lamp For both interior and exterior Dimmer for both intensity and colour temperature Sustainable, resistant lamp made out of anodized aluminium Can be easily hung and moved about
  • Fatboy Bolleke
    89,00 € In stock
    Fatboy’s Bolleke is a hanging lamp that performs a variety of functions, one of them being illumination. The lamp is wireless, powerful, and rechargeable. Due to the ingenious design, which includes a suitable loop, the Bolleke lamp is extremely user-friendly. 
  • Petite Friture Vertigo Pendant Lamp
    845,00 € In stock
    The den lamp An ultra light structure that floats in your room and creates a wonderfull light pattern. The Vertigo lamp by French designer Constance Guisset is a pleasure for your eyes. This pendant lamp is timeless and keeps on fascinating.
  • Secto Design Octo 4241 Small Pendant
    810,00 € In stock
    Form pressed birch wood transformed in to the Octo Small 4241 by Secto Design, is a lamp suspended in mid air which adds a touch of elegance to an interior setting of a living space.
  • Mr Maria Miffy Lamp
    145,00 € In stock
    Whether or not you are aware of this adorable, yet unorthodox, persona appearing in some of the top Dutch children’s book series, you still have the ability to welcome her into your house in order to illuminate your life and interior space.
  • Fatboy Edison The Mini Set of 3
    165,00 € In stock
    Fatboy Edison the Mini Set of Three is best described as a true and real power trio. The compact and small size of this mini table will allow you to place it just wherever you want, whether outdoors or outdoors. These strong mini lamps can handle and accommodate some rain. Therefore, you don’t have to worry yourself if they get wet.
  • Slamp Clizia Battery Table Lamp
    251,68 € 314,60 € -20% In stock
    The Slamp Clizia Battery Table Lamp is one that when illuminated, the Clizia provides diffused, ambient lighting ideal for use in bedrooms and living room spaces.
  • Fatboy Flamtastique XS Oil Lamp
    89,00 € In stock
    While Flamtastique spreads the campfire feeling at every possible outdoor event, its little sister brings the vibes into the living room, illuminating the space with the warm and cozy light. The wick of the oil lamp can be adjusted and turned up a bit higher by using the strong eyelet.
  • Fatboy Edison
    75,00 € In stock
    Table and Floor Lamp Fatboy Edison for Outdoor or Indoor use. 3 Differents Sizes Edison the Petit : 25 cm  Edison the Medium : 51 cm Edison the Grand : 90 cm
  • Fatboy Thierry Le Swinger
    249,01 € In stock
    Fatboy’s Thierry le Swinger is a LED lamp with various functionalities. It is provided with a line which makes hanging it from almost any point effortless. This could be from a parasol, tree branch, or railing. The second option, however, is to secure the Thierry le Swinger light into the ground by making use of the beach wood stand which is specifically...
  • Mathieu Challières Petite Volière
    430,00 € In stock
    Fake birds in real feathers have taken refuge in a copper wire lampshade.
  • Fatboy Prêt a Racket Solar Powered Lamp Set of 3
    119,00 € In stock
    If you are one of the lighting enthusiasts and somebody who actually enjoys life, you need to add the iconic appearance of the Fatboy Prêt a Racket Solar Powered Lamp Set of 3 to your lighting arsenal and you will know the importance of switching to Prêt a Racket.
  • Fatboy The Bonbaron Seater
    749,00 € In stock
    Fatboy The Bonbaron Seater is the most relaxing seater that is full of character. The Bonbaron Seater by Fatboy is comfortable, super soft, and fluffy. It is designed with a smile, translated into an inviting, bold lazy seat. Fatboy The Bonbaron Seater is perfect for use in the Living Room, Bedroom, Dorm, Media Room, and Game Room.
  • Slamp La Belle Étoile Pendant Lamp
    716,32 € 895,40 € -20% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Dress your home in a modern way with the Slamp La Belle Étoile Pendant Lamp designed by Adriano Rachele. La Belle Étoile Pendant Lamp by Slamp is stylish, glamorous, and refined. Without mincing words, this pendant lamp brings charm and freshness to your decoration.
  • Hay Pao Portable Table Lamp
    125,10 € 139,00 € -10% Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    The versatile Hay Pao Portable Table Lamp created by Naoto Fukasawa is a lighting fixture defined by a gorgeous domed shape. The rechargeable battery feature, bright colors, and simple shape of Pao Portable Table Lamp by Hay make it stand out and unique among other lighting fixtures in the lighting industry.
  • Secto Design Victo Small 4251 Pendant
    745,00 € Shipped within 8-9 weeks
    A resized solution of the popular Victo 4250 Perfect for compact interiors and captivating lamp installations. Attractive both on its own and in groups. Handmade in Finland by highly skilled craftsmen. Available in four different finishes (natural, black, white of Walnut veneer)
  • Fatboy Colour Blend Rug
    299,00 € Shipped within 1-2 weeks
    The Fatboy Colour Blend Rug is a sophisticated, elegant, and ground-breaking rug that gives atmospheric impressions. The rough lines of Colour Blend Fatboy Rug are lively and the choices of color are astonishing. Colour Blend Rug Fatboy translates all unintentional imperfections into a rug that makes you happy. Subtle and colorful - and above all, it is...
  • Hay Apollo Portable Table Lamp
    215,10 € 239,00 € -10% Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    The beautiful unique quality Hay Apollo Portable Table Lamp is a modern lighting design with rounded curves. The portable, free standing Hay Apollo Table Lamp with replaceable LED light source is ideal and suitable for making a cozy atmosphere in any room of your home.
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