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  • 303,41 € 356,95 € -15% Delivery: 5-6 weeks
    The Brokis Shadows is a lamp created with the well known and timeless French Atelier pendant spot in the back of the mind. You can choose different kind of glass as shade. These shades get mounted on a wooden neck. These very variable pendants let your creativity flow. For all possible combinations, watch below.
  • 72,90 € Delivery: 3-4 weeks
    The Fermob Balad is a rechargeable LED-lamp that you can easily carry with you anywhere outside. The lamp does not heat and its light intensity is adjustable.
  • 164,56 € 193,60 € -15% Delivery: 3-4 weeks.
    Responsibly reimagining cardboard boxes. From functional box to fashionable beauty, the Graypants Scraplight series transforms ordinary packing material into extraordinarily creative lighting. With its shapely figure and unique light diffusion, presents a warm, modern alternative to cold contemporary plastic lights while benefiting the environment at...
  • 224,10 € 249,00 € -10% Delivery: 1-2 weeks.
    Think inside the frame, a lamp to look and talk about Model is an attractive geometric lamp with an uncomplicated shape. Model floor lamp fills the room with an engaging light.
  • 328,88 € 365,42 € -10% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    Elegant, minimalist and mesmerizing, the Le Klint Caché Pendant is a hanging lamp that will completely change the decoration of your house for better. Smooth shape and ease of handling make this pendant ideal for modern and minimalist homes.
  • 69,95 € 1-2 work days
    One of a kind, new, modern, and technologically superior to any portable lamp in the market, the Lucis 3.0 Portable Mood Lamp is finally here. Efficient in lighting, charging electronica and being an ambient light, it is perfect for home or commercial use.
  • 795,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks.
    The den lamp An ultra light structure that floats in your room and creates a wonderfull light pattern. The Vertigo lamp by French designer Constance Guisset is a pleasure for your eyes. This pendant lamp is timeless and keeps on fascinating.
  • 58,65 € 69,00 € -15% In stock
    This wall lamp is the shape of a deer head is a classic, nostalgic wall piece with a modern interpretation.  When the Deer Head lamp is switched on, she creates a magical ambience. She fits into any room: for romantic moments in intimate places or magical fantasy in a child's room.
  • 246,84 € 290,40 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks.
    An unusual clay piece with an unique design A warm and porous light, coming from the handmade pottery skin. SpongeUp! consists of a clay sphere where the light slips through thus becomes more than a lamp. The SpongeUp! pendant lamp achieves a very particular look along it’s uneven surface. Handmade in Spain by Pott.
  • 320,00 € Delivery: 1 week.
    This pendant lamp got his name from the dutch word for "ball of paper", which is "prop". The paper used for the lamp is a biodegradable, non-woven plastic that you can shape however you want. This gives you the choice of how the lamp will look and makes every lamp unique. 
  • 785,00 € Delivery: +- 4 weeks
    Authentic illumination The Octo 4240 lamp by Secto Design is a beautiful handcrafted light that casts a gorgeous reflection onto the surroundings. It's elegant and honest design plays with light and shadow, a stunning light with a soft luminosity.
  • 710,00 € Delivery: +- 4 weeks
    Form pressed birch wood transformed in to the Octo Small 4241 by Secto Design, is a lamp suspended in mid air which adds a touch of elegance to an interior setting of a living space.
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

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