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Indoor Lighting 

  • Pendant Lighting
    Pendant Lighting

    Wide choice of ceiling lights

    In our catalog you can find lots of design pendant lights from different design brands such as Design House Stockholm, Dreizehngrad, Enrico Zanolla, Graypants, In-es.artdesign, John Green, Lightyears, Pani Jurek, Petite Friture, Pott, Schneid, Secto Design en Tom Raffield. 

    Which design ceiling light do I place where?

    Placing the right pendant light in different rooms is not an easy task. Besides the fact that everybody has their own taste, it is very important to know where to place which lamp. The task of lamps can be very different, for example you’ll want to have a different sort of light in the kitchen compared to your living room.

    Above your dining table you’ll want a strong light, so you can really see what you are eating. But regularly you’ll also read at that table, so it is also important that the light is optimized for this. That’s why we propose to choose a light in function of the shape of the dining table. If you have an oblong table, it is better to have a oblong ceiling light that covers most of the table. If you have a round or square table, it might be enough to place just one central design pendant. The current trend is to place different ceiling lights next to each other, in different sizes or even different colors.

    In other rooms such as the living room you will want something more decorative, or a light with a cool effect. This is because you want to create a certain kind of atmosphere for the whole room and you don’t need direct lighting for this.

    If you have any difficulties in choosing the ideal pendant, you can always contact us via chat, mail or phone.

    All our ceiling lights are being shipped for free and you can try them at your home during 30 days. If you don’t like them, or for any other reason, you can just send them back for free and we’ll pay you back the money.

  • Table Lamps
    Table Lamps

    Buy table lamps online

    At Lamptwist we also sell a nice range of designer & modern table lamps. A table lamp can create a nice atmosphere in your house, for example when they are placed on a cabinet or small table. If you are looking for lights to work under, you should take a look in our desk lamps category.

    Using a table lamp to create more atmosphere

    A table lamp is ideal to put on a side table, for example next to the sofa. These can then be turned on in the evening and it will provide an attractive light. You can also use the table lamp to create atmosphere in a given space. This way you can give certain corners or pieces in a room extra attention and make them more cozy.

    Different types of table lights

    Just as with floor lamps, table lamps are very easy to move. You also have different types of table lighting such as lamps that give light up or down, or lamps that shine both downwards and upwards. A good example is the Enrico Zanolla Picia table lamp, this light only shines upwards and trough the glass. While the Graypants Palmer table lamp shines both up and down, as well as through the wood.

    Test our modern table lamps

    A lot of table lamps are dimmable and come with a switch. On the product page, you can always check whether this is the case or not. If you cannot find this information, or you have any other incidental questions, please contact us. You can try out all our lamps for 30 days at your home. This way you have the opportunity to see if the lamp is really your thing or not. If this is not the case, no problem, we all have our own taste. You can ask us a free return label that you can put on the box. This label allows you to send the package back to us. After we received the package back, we will also refund you completely.

  • Floor Lamps
    Floor Lamps

    Buying floor lamps online

    Floor lamps or standing lamps can be a very good solution for every type of room. They can create atmosphere, but they can also be very decorative. The big advantage of a floor lamp is that you can always move it into any space that you want.

    At Lamptwist we sell designer floor lamps from various designer brands such as Tom Raffield, Graypants, Structures, Secto Design, Lightyears and Design House Stockholm.

    What role can a floor lamp play?

    The standing lamps that ensure mood lighting usually have a specific design or are made from a special material, through which the light shines. These can therefore offer a very nice atmosphere to your space.

    Floor lamps who give more specific or direct light can be used as a reading light.

    Often, floor lamps are also dimmable, mostly by using a dimmer on the cord. A good example is the Manana floor lamp from Design House Stockholm. Floor lamps are also usually adjustable in height and you can also turn it into another direction.

    Trying out floor lamps

    Of course it is still a question how this lamp will look like at your own home. For this we have invented a special 30-day trial service. This allows you to try out all our lights for one month. Is the lamp not quite what you thought, or perhaps it is too big or too small? No problem! You can send the lamp back to us for free and we will refund the money.

  • Wall Lamps
    Wall Lamps

    Buying wall lights

    Wall lights can give you some nice effects. Just like with other lighting categories you have to keep in mind where you are going to place your wall lamp and for what purpose you are going to use it. Based on that, you can make the right decision and choose the best wall lamp. At Lamptwist we sell design wall lamps of famous and less famous brands, such as Lightyears, Tom Raffield, Secto Design, LZF and Graypants.

    Different types of wall lights

    We can distinguish two types of wall lights.

    On the one hand you have decorative wall lights. These wall lamps provide a certain atmosphere with a room, for example by giving a light that is reflected back against the wall. This can create beautiful effects in your home. 

    On the other hand there are also functional wall lights. These are made to read or to work under. Think for example of bedroom wall lights that you can move by the use of an arm, just as with the Secto Design Owalo 7030 wall lamp.

    Bathroom wall lights

    As last thing we would like to mention that if you are looking for a wall lamp for your bathroom, you should look at the specific characteristics of the lamp.

    Each lamp has an IP rating. This is a number that tells you more about the degree of protection against substances from the outside. This could be water and moisture but also ordinary dust. The higher the IP rating, the better the protection.

    Inside a bathroom it is important to know which lamp you are going to place where because you don’t need the same protection everywhere. For example, if you are at 2,5 metres of your shower or bath, then you only need a lamp with an IP value of at least 21. This will give the lamp a protection against drops. When you are in a radius of 1,2 m from your bath or shower, for example directly above the shower or the sink, then you need an IP rating of at least 44. When you are in a radius of 60cm you need a minimum of 45 IP.

  • Desk Lamps
    Desk Lamps

    Buying desk lamps online

    A desk lamp is ideal and essential while working. It is very important that you have enough lighting while working. Therefore, it is also useful if you can adjust the lamp his height and direction. This allows you to let the light shine on the place that you exactly need.

    Desk lamps with LED lighting

    Almost all desk lights have a switch or button to turn the lamp on and off. More and more desk lamps also have a dimmer. This is mainly due to improving technology of the LED. Previously, LED bulbs were not as good dimmable, but now they do. This is a great improvement because LED lights last much longer and are much more economical, which saves you a lot of money. The lifetime duration of a LED bulb is between 15 to 20 years, while a halogen bulb only lasts one or two years. This is quite a big difference and makes it definitely worth considering buying a LED lamp or bulb.

    A good example of LED desk lamps are the Artemide Tolomeo Micro or Calabaz Mic.

    More information about designer desk lamps?

    Choosing a good desk light is not always simple. That's why we're glad to help if you have any questions. Do you know that you can try all of our lamps for 30 days at your home? This allows you to see whether it fits your place or not! If not, just send it back to us, completely free! You can contact us and ask for your return label. As soon as we get your package back package we will refund your money.

  • Spotlights

    A spotlight is a directional light that will project a powerful beam of light. This can help to highlight or accent a feature you are looking to draw attention to. A spotlight can also be helpful for providing directional lighting if you are working on a certain project. Spotlights have a large variety of patterns to fit different purposes. Spotlights are most commonly used in the theatre or on a catwalk to bring attention to an individual who is moving across the stage. 

    With catwalks and theatre, you'll typically find spotlights located toward the rear of the stage. However, if they are found in galleries and museums, the architect who designed the space will decide where they go. Spotlights always have a strong light output, and the temperature of the color is high as well, which is why actors often complain about sweating on stage. Typically, the lens on the spotlight is focused manually and is often connected to a device that can adjust the output of the beam. This device will also include the ability to adjust the angle of the beam as well. Depending on the purpose of the spotlight, the colour can even be changed. In fact, the majority of spotlights come with colour gels for this very purpose. If you are using a spotlight to enhance a sculpture, piece of art, or corner of the room, you may want to opt for a cooler colour. A cooler colour will pick up the finer details and allow the spotlight to do its job sufficiently.

    Spotlights usually cast quite a narrow beam of light. This makes the beam easier to control as the light is more concentrated. It typically covers an area of 45 degrees. Spotlights that are used on the exterior of a home should be spaced apart evenly, with at least four feet between each one. If you have a larger ceiling, you can space your spotlights out even more.

  • Ceiling Lamps
    Ceiling Lamps

    Ceiling lights and lamps can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are perfect for anyone who wants to have some fun designing their living space, no matter what room we’re talking about. The versatility of ceiling lights allows you to have almost complete control over the effect that they have on your room.

    Ranging from the modernist, to the futuristic and back to the retro, ceiling lamps help you achieve the look you’re aiming for, helping to compliment your furniture, decorations or other styles of lighting. As expected, ceiling lamps come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, and can even be made out of different materials. This variety means that ceiling lamps are a great choice for any interior designer.

    Ceiling lamps can act as a backdrop for the space, with subtle designs great for allowing a piece of furniture or another more spectacular lamp take centre stage. Ceiling lights usually work best on their own, with a lighting effect that acts to bring together and balance out the various different elements of the room.

    However, they can also work well as a centerpiece, adding a real wow factor to the room. Some of the lamps in this category have a seriously impressive design and can take your room to the next level. With a well chosen ceiling lamp, you are sure to impress anyone who steps inside.

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