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  • Kartell Tic & Tac Clock
    114,95 € In stock
    Are you thinking of adding the ideal finishing touch to your living space? Think of the Kartell Tic & Tac Wall Clock. The Tic & Tac Wall Clock by Kartell comes with a white clock face and transparent frame. The clock has a thin pair of clock hands standing out against the background to make the clock stylish and easy to read.
  • Haoshi Goldfish X Clock
    220,00 € In stock
    The Haoshi Goldfish X Clock is amazing and stunning clock that will not just help you keep time in grand style, but also let you decorate your home or office elegantly. The uniqueness and high quality of Goldfish X Clock by Haoshi makes it the favorite of all clock enthusiasts.
  • Haoshi Swallow Clock
    199,00 € In stock
    The Haoshi Swallow X Clock captures every important second and seizes the day. The Swallow X Clock combines silence and aesthetics of movement. For sure, Swallow Haoshi X Clock will make a great timeless piece in all home decors and interiors.
  • Nomon New Anda Clock
    508,20 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
  • Nomon Punto Y Coma Wall Clock
    520,30 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
  • Nomon Mini Barcelona Wall Clock
    701,80 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
  • Nomon Mini Look
    701,80 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
  • Nomon Péndulo T Wall Clock
    721,16 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    It stands out for offering a fascinating design to the hipster public the Nomon Pendulum T Clock returns the free and loose currents of a time clock.
  • Nomon Pico Wall Clock
    90,75 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
  • Nomon Micro Anda Wall Clock
    399,30 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    Make your spaces stand out by combining your Nomon Micro Anda Wall Clock with modern furniture. The Micro Anda Wall Clock by Nomon is a designer clock with both minute and hour hands. Use the richly abstract lines of Nomo Micro Anda Wall Clock to spice up your walls now!
  • Nomon Micro Barcelona Wall Clock
    508,20 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    The Nomon Micro Barcelona Wall Clock is a subtle elegance design of the 1950s. The Micro Barcelona Wall Clock by Nomo evokes the glamour of modern classics with the ideal mixture of black lacquered fiberglass and natural walnut. You can perfectly combine this wall clock with a lot of different Interior designs.
  • Nomon Bilbao Wall Clock
    810,70 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    A light circle characterizes an elegant and classic looking timepiece. With the Nomon Wall Clock Bilbao, elegance and simplicity make it extraordinary. The Bilbao Wall Clock by Nomon is where exclusive material meets minimalist design. For additional wall décor, you can place Bilbao Wall Clock by Nomon over a couch in your living room or in the dining room.
  • Nomon Swing Collection Wall Clock
    544,50 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    he Nomon Swing Collection Wall Clock is an exceptional and matchless wall clock that combines prestige with purpose. The Swing Collection Wall Clock by Nomon uses outstanding and extraordinary materials such as marble and natural walnut, making it one of the best lighting fixtures in the lighting industry.
  • Nomon Micro Eslabon Wall Clock
    229,90 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    The Micro Eslabon Wall Clock designed for Nomon by Andres Martinez combines polished brass frame and hands with solid walnut wood. The Nomon Micro Eslabon Wall Clock blends functionality with form to give a stunning addition to interior spaces.
  • Nomon Atomo Sobremesa Clock
    145,20 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    The Nomon Atomo Sobremesa Clock is a very flexible and resourceful decorating element that can be used in different spaces – dining room, living room, kitchen, studios, and bedrooms. If you are looking for a more modern clock, Atomo Sobremesa Clock by Nomon is the solution. It is minimal and chick, making it the perfect must-have clock in your home.
  • Haoshi Cuckoo Clock Tree Version
    270,00 € Shipped within 1-2 weeks
    The Haoshi Cuckoo X Clock Tree Version is a poetic and attractive clock. Lightness and childhood are the main features of the Cuckoo X Clock Tree Version by Haoshi. This clock version offers good things. The objects of the design are of a high quality and it uses simple materials by the aesthetics which emerges from them.
  • Nomon Look Wall Clock
    822,80 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    The elegance, simplicity, and durability of Nomon Look Wall Clock are some of the qualities that distinguished it from other wall clocks on the market today. Give the Look Wall Clock by Nomon a try if all you want is a modern minimalist piece that blends with furniture type. It is a home or office accessory that can never be overlooked.
  • Nomon Puntero Table Clock
    405,35 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    The Nomon Puntero Table Clock brings creativity and originality for your home office or any space you want to beautify. Combine Puntero Table Clock by Nomon with the Mediterranean or bohemian classic industrial Mediterranean Nordic styles. The architecture of Puntero Nomon Table Clock is so atypical that it attracts the gaze anywhere it is used.
  • Nomon Mini Puntero Clock
    217,80 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    Mini Puntero Nomon Clock is the best choice for you if you need a special gift item. The Nomon Mini Puntero Clock is a designer clock that squanders stylishness. This clock made in walnut wood marks the time with the complexity and beauty of its style. The perfect and faultless preparation of Mini Puntero Clock by Nomon makes it appealing and irresistible...
  • Nomon Cris Wall Clock
    375,10 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    Make your wall space unique with the innovative Nomon Cris Wall Clock, an amazing wall décor piece that will instantly enhance any room. Create a modern look by placing Cris Nomon Wall Clock above a chair or in a living room. Cris Wall Clock by Nomon features extended stunning walnut wooden needles with an eye-catching centerpiece that in either a chrome...
  • Nomon Aire Standing Clock
    617,10 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    Nomon Aire Standing Clock is a stylish watch that will always find its place in any décor or interior. The Aire Standing Clock by Nomon was crafted with minimalism in mind, making it perfect for a modern home. The vertical metal line at the top of the clock marks twelve o'clock to provide some direction to the exact time it is while the unblemished.
  • Nomon Pedulo Hanging Clock
    677,60 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    Decorate every of your room with the ground-breaking and classic Pedulo Nomon Hanging Clock. The beautifully functional Pedulo Hanging Clock by Nomon is décor piece that comes in different finishes. Hang this Hanging Clock on the entry way or your dining room to create an immediate classic design.
  • Nomon Puntos Suspensivos Wall Clock
    298,87 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    The Nomon Punto Suspensivos Wall Clock shines with its timeless design and simple elegance. Punto Suspensivos Wall Clock by Nomon comes with smooth steel hands surrounded by rectangular time signals looking as if the pieces are floating. The Punto Suspensivos Nomon Wall Clock fits very with other accessories without disturbing the balancing contrasting...
  • Nomon Delmori Wall Clock
    1 318,90 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    Nomon Delmori Wall Clock is a visually stunning and functional modern lighting fixture. Unique and elegance, Delmori Nomon Wall Clock has a distinct personality with its ultramodern design. The main principles and features that make Delmori Wall Clock Nomon unique are technology, design, and creativity.
  • Nomon 2 Puntos Wall Clock
    631,62 € Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    Nomon 2 Puntos Clock functions as a functional art piece in any modern setting. The 2 Puntos Clock by Nomons is equipped with a UTS German mechanism and characterized by stylized and stylish shapes with Ø 43 by H 56 cm sizes. Steel brackets support the frame and add a delicate industrial element to the clock in the course of maintaining the minimal style...
  • Vitra Eye Wall Clock
    355,50 € 395,00 € -10% Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    Vitra Eye Clock gives a refreshing option to the conventional clocks with its modernist and creative work. Made from metal and wood, Eye Clock by Vitra is styled with a luxury quartz movement, even as its playful build is sure to add an eccentric touch to any of your rooms.
  • Vitra Ball Clock Wall Clock
    341,10 € 379,00 € -10% In stock
    The Vitra Ball Clock Wall Clock is a lighting fixture that spreads a good mood with a sense of ease. The Ball Clock Wall Clock by Vitra is the perfect and best accessory for your corridor or kitchen. The Wall Clock stands out and brings a sense of delight to any room. With the Ball Clock Vitra Wall Clock, there is a color for any environment.
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