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  • Fatboy Parasol
    479,00 € In stock
    The Fatboy Parasol is extremely solid, thanks to the sturdy base which gives a concrete foundation. The flag on top shows the direction of wind, while the smart pull system makes it easy to open up the Fatboy Parasol. You can choose one with or without base and opt for your preferred design and color.
  • Fatboy Headdemock Hammock
    469,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The Fatboy Headdemock Hammock is all you need to make the perfect and exceptional hang-out on your balcony or garden. The Headdemock Hammock by Fatboy comes with a solid frame that enables you place it just anywhere you want while you don’t require a rope or tree to hang it perfectly. The Fatboy Headdemock Hammock is capable of holding up to 330 lbs.
  • Fatboy Parasol Base
    448,99 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The Fatboy Parasol Base is unique and stands out from the crowd. However, ensure that you keep things steady with the Parasol Base by Fatboy. You can pair or combine the Fatboy Parasol Base with the Fatboy Stripesol parasol. With this steel base in elegant black, not even the toughest or strongest sunbeam will ever touch you.
  • Fatboy Headdemock Pillow for Hammock
    45,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    All you need to relax in style is the Fatboy Headdemock Pillow for Hammock. The Headdemock Pillow for Hammock by Fatboy makes a perfect addition to the collection of all hammock lovers. It comes in all great colors for you to match or mix, depending on your choice.
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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