Outdoor string lights are a great way of lighting up your garden or patio whilst maintaining a calm relaxing ambience. If you’re looking for some background lighting for a late evening garden party then string lights produced specifically for outdoor use are perfect for your requirements.

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Outdoor String Lights 

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  • Zangra String Light
    82,45 € 97,00 € -15% In stock
    This string light is perfect to settle a festive atmosphere on your terrace but also in your home. This strings are connectable end-to-end so that you can easily lengthen it. It is available with a black or a white cable, and the light bulbs are either clear or colored.
  • Martinelli Luce Kiki Chain of Outdoor Lamps
    493,68 € 580,80 € -15% In stock
    There is no other unique and extraordinary way to illuminate the open spaces of your home than with the Martinelli Luce Kiki Chain of Outdoor Lamps. They are the best on the market for creating sophisticated and thrilling lighting effects for your home interior and décor.
  • Weltevree Stringlight
    379,00 € Shipped within 1-2 weeks
    The ambient lighting produced from the Weltevree Stringlight transcends any aura into a warm environment. With just the installment of the stringed light lamps, the desired area can be transformed from a plain setting to a nice and cozy place to settle down.
  • Seletti Sagra Lamp
    123,25 € 145,00 € -15% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Seletti’s Sagra consists of a set of 16 lights in a form reminiscent to that of a string of flags or bunting. Each ‘flag’ consists of a bulb, which is illuminated when the switch is turned on. The Sagra can be used in interior and exterior spaces making it the perfect addition to party decor or to bring a festive feel to an outdoor space. The Sagra lamp...
  • Seletti Bella Vista Clear Lamp
    135,15 € 159,00 € -15% Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Seletti’s Bella Vista lighting series consists of a set of ten lights available in four different color variations. These include the following: clear, pink, white, and black. These lights can be used in both interior and exterior spaces. They add the perfect ‘café’ vibe to any area in which they are placed. 
  • Vincent Sheppard Light My Table Lamp
    440,00 € Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    The Vincent Sheppard Light My Table Lamp is a great table lamp that assures you long years of service delivery. It can transform your space with its great light and you can be rest assured of elegance and grace.
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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