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You are a professional, architect, interior architect, electrician, hotel, restaurant, ... Or you want to place lamps for a renovation or project? Then we can surely help you!

You can contact us to get a discount price, but you can also open a Business Account on our website. With this login you can view our entire catalog including discount rates. These range from 15 to 20%.

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Project Design

On Lamptwist you can find lighting for projects like hotels, renovations, schools, restaurants, museums and other public authorities.

Office Lighting

We gladly help with choosing the right and best lighting for your work environments and other rooms. You can also contact us for a free lightingplan.

Custom made Lightingplan

We can give you advice on which lamps to place where and how much of them. Which lamps have to be placed in which rooms, what kind of type, how much, how strong should the bulb be? All of these questions will get an answer in our free lightingplan.

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