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Anyone looking for the perfect bamboo pendant light is at the right address at LampTwist. As a specialist in lights we also have a wide range of pendant lights, including bamboo pendant lights. We have a matching pendant light for every home and every interior style. The bam...



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  • Forestier Bamboo pendant
    160,00 € Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Bamboo, a poetic collection between nature and design. A bias of natural and authentic materials enhanced by the work of craftsmen. A declination of light fittings for a soft light suitable for both indoor and outdoor. 
  • Schneid Eikon Shell
    377,10 € 419,00 € -10% Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    Eikon// Create your own one The Eikon Shell is wider and appears more straight- forward in its design. The socket is made of certified ash, oak or bamboo, constitutes the minimalist and clean base of the lamp. Attached with magnets, the metal or silicone shade forms a perfect contrast with its beautiful and vibrant colors. Change the lampshades and adapt...
  • Schneid Eikon Circus
    359,10 € 399,00 € -10% Shipped within 3-4 weeks
    The Eikon Circus is a fun product in which holds class and ultimately design, but also allows to mix and match to fit the room and theme of your choosing.
  • Forestier Bamboo Oval Pendant Lamp
    325,00 € Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    First impression always last long. Do you want to make this first impression on somebody visiting your home for the first time? All you need is the Forestier Bamboo Oval Pendant Lamp. The lighting system is welcoming, thrilling, and eye-catching.
  • Forestier Anemos Pendant Lamp
    435,00 € Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Anemos Pendant Lamp by Forestier skillfully mixes modern design and natural materials in an extremely on-trend ethnic stylish style. The upper part is made from glazed ceramic. The underneath part is made from natural bamboo twigs. The shade design of the pendant lamp reduces bright glare to a satisfying glow from the top, as it is craftily gathered...
  • Forestier Bamboo Square Pendant Lamp
    345,00 € Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    The FORESTIER Bamboo Square Pendant Lamp is one of the leading pendant lamps that evoke festive lantern lights. The Bamboo Square Pendant Lamp offers a purposeful lighting solution for any space. It is a declination of lighting fixture designed to produce soft light for both outdoor and indoor.
  • Forestier Bamboo Up Pendant Lamp
    535,00 € Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    The FORESTIER Bamboo Up Pendant Lamp is designed for filtered, soft, and warm effect. The lampshade of the pendant lamp has of volumes of various intertwined sizes. The openwork, ethereal structures interlock of Bamboo Up Pendant Lamp by FORESTIER creates eye-catching geometric shapes. Use this pendant lamp to add a number of natural accents to your home...
  • Forestier Bamboo Up & Down Pendant Lamp
    567,00 € Shipped within 2-3 weeks
    Making use of only one lamp source in your home space will just make your space look dreary and flat at night. All you need is the FORESTIER Bamboo Up & Down Pendant Lamp if you want your home space to appear cozy, nice, and stunning even at night. These Up and Down Pendant Lamps by FORESTIER can effectively set your unwinding evening mood, regardless of...
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

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