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People looking for a modern pendant light always succeed with us. That is what we dare to guarantee. We also recognize the beautiful appearance of modern pendant lighting. With a modern pendant light you will get a true eye-catcher. In our offer you will always find exact...



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  • 274,67 € In stock
    Extremely stylistic and infinitely trendy, the Blown Pendent light is a masterpiece done in Nouveau curves and decadent forms. A cluster of these would make any space seem the epitome of glamorous and memorable. It features a design that instantly leaves an impression, and is one of the best pieces in the &tradition collection.
  • 95,59 € In stock
    The Bulb Pendant from the &tradition collection is an industrial classic that has been dressed-up to fit contemporary sensibilities. The perfect blend of industrialized and modern, it features a glass bulb pendent that is made up of mouth blown glass and is hung on a 3 meter cord attached to a porcelain lamp holder. The overall aesthetic of this fixture...
  • 205,70 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The Copenhagen Pendant light is a contemporary industrial masterpiece that features a unique and stand-out design. The overall aesthetic of this particular lamp strives to capture the ingenuity of the industrial revolution and convey its essence through a stringently unconventional design. This pendent light is all beauty and grace with just the right...
  • 177,87 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Designer Jaime Hayón designed a luminaire for &tradition inspired by Asian lanterns.
  • 150,04 € In stock
    The Mega Bulb Pendant light is the latest version of the simple bulb pendent. It embraces a similar industrial aesthetic that characterized the original, but offers its own multi-layer flair and a superior size that makes it a far more touched-up and qualitatively superior option. If you’re looking for style wrapped up in layers of trendy aesthetic, then...
  • 694,54 € Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    If you are looking for a well-built lighting fixture that stands out from the crowd, the 101 Copenhagen Drop Chandelier Bulp Mini is the solution. The Drop Chandelier Bulp Mini is designed with quality lighting materials and accessories that make it the best in the lighting industry. The drop shade of Bulp Mini optimizes and makes for the diffusion of...
  • 578,00 € Delivery: 3-4 weeks
    With the Hay Nelson Apple Bubble Pendant your spaces will be filled with joy and merry from its warm and hearty glow.The Hay Nelson Apple Bubble Pendant has completely revolutionized this by giving us a well-designed yet practical lamp that is not only easy to set up but also very durable and with its color selection is able to be incorporated in all...
  • 495,00 € In stock
    This robust lamp is produced with quality in mind, it is a product of standard materials and competent hands. The lamp is designed to satisfy the lighting needs of the 21st century.
  • 540,00 € Delivery: 3-4 weeks
    Give your space an innovative look with this modern lamp by Nelson. Hay Nelson Ball Crisscross Bubble Pendant is designed to bring out the best in your interior. It is designed in a robust yet simple shape to fit into your space.
  • 2 282,00 € Delivery: 3-4 weeks
    Nelson Bell Bubble Pendant is undoubtedly a remarkable idea that changed the pendant making industry upon its introduction. It remains a relevant product in our modern world with its marvelous design. Customers will have a great experience and do their bit in protecting our beautiful planet by purchasing a green product such as Nelson Bell Pendant.
  • 495,00 € Delivery: 3-4 weeks
    Whether you are updating or refurbishing your apartment, Nelson Cigar Bubble Pendant lamp is all you need to complete the beauty of your interior. The design of the lamp never goes out of fashion.
  • 540,00 € Delivery: 3-4 weeks
    Give yourself the freedom of how you want your personal space to look with the Hay Nelson Cigar Crisscross Bubble Pendant. It is designed to give your space sufficient lights.
  • 488,00 € Delivery: 3-4 weeks
    The Hay Nelson Lantern Bubble Pendant is a one of a kind lamps that not only brings elegance but also great craftsmanship and a mind-blowing sense of style. Its bright and warm glow light up every place it is used. This lovely lamp is truly what anyone would ever want. With this lamp your space will be simply glorious.
  • 537,00 € Delivery: 3-4 weeks
    This unique pear-shaped lamp is designed to satisfy your lighting needs while giving your inner space a delicate, pleasant and serene look. It is perfect for virtually any space within your interior.
  • 598,00 € Delivery: 3-4 weeks
    Lamps do not necessarily have to be boring and just for the purpose of lighting. The Hay Nelson Pear Crisscross Bubble Pendant has without doubt shown that lamps can also act as decorations in spaces, bringing with them relaxation and a heart-warming level of comfort. With this lamp, you do not have to look any further.
  • 630,00 € Delivery: 3-4 weeks
    Hay Nelson Propeller Bubble Pendant modern lamp is not just about the look, but also about possibility and innovation in the latest technology frontiers, artistry, and materials. Without kidding, this lamp has brought modern to light.
  • 495,00 € In stock
    Hay introduced the Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant for its powerful and attractive look. If you are looking for a lamp with a simple and beautiful look then these Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant Lamp is the best choice. Three variants of different sizes will help in suiting this lamp to any background.
  • 540,00 € Delivery: 3-4 weeks
    Hay Nelson Saucer Crisscross Bubble Pendant comes with a steel ceiling plate that has a simple and elegant shape which makes it suitable for virtually anywhere. It is a value for your money.
  • 119,20 € 149,00 € -20% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    They introduced the Muuto Ambit Pendant Lamp for its amazing and optically intelligent design. This lamp looks very powerful, which helps in attracting buyers. This light has seven variants of different colors which can easily suit any place.
  • 599,20 € 749,00 € -20% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    It is not often that we see both elegant and practical lamps such as with the Muuto Ambit Rail Suspension Lamp. This suspension lamp has come at an important time to deliver all that was missing in the lamp industry.
  • 121,50 € 135,00 € -10% In stock
    Jens Fager’s Muuto Grain Suspension Lamp is a unique design. Simple, and elegant, the diffused light give any room or space a warm and subtle lighting that welcomes anyone.
  • 161,10 € 179,00 € -10% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Lamps are for the purpose of lighting but this doesn’t mean they cannot be a source of elegance and beauty. The Muuto Mhy Suspension Lamp makes that very clear and this is definitely the best lamp you could ever ask for.
  • 422,10 € 469,00 € -10% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Light up and illuminate your home interior and décor using the Muuto Rime Pendant Lamp. It gives a soft expression and makes a leading pendant lamp that allows for light to shine slightly through with slight touch.
  • 611,10 € 679,00 € -10% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Give your ceiling a cloud-like look with this Muuto Strand Closed Suspension Lamp. It is designed with openings at the top and bottom to give your interior a glowing look and a feeling of harmony.
  • 242,10 € 269,00 € -10% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    When great design is coupled with perfect functionality, it produces the Muuto Strand Open Suspension Lamp. This is a suspension lamp is well-suited for your day to day activities and will definitely make your spaces more spectacular and heartier.
  • 314,10 € 349,00 € -10% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Simple, yet sophisticated, and highly effective, the Muuto Studio Suspension Lamp brings all the elements necessary for interior lighting. A true mark of Bernstrand’s philosophy, it is a stylish addition to any space.
  • 449,10 € 499,00 € -10% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Be amazed by the Iskos Berlin design of the Muuto Under The Bell Suspension Lamp. The soft shade combined with graphic lines give it a soft and sophisticated look.
  • 157,50 € 175,00 € -10% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    A different design for suspension lighting, the Muuto Unfold Suspension Lamp brings the best approach. Fun and quirky, yet highly functional, the Muuto Unfold Suspension Lamp is the right way to go.
  • 161,10 € 179,00 € -10% Delivery time: 3-4 weeks
    The New Works Hang on Honey is a rustic pendant, designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. With three colour variations, this beautiful lamp will serve both as the perfect source of light and more than interesting decoration in any space.
  • 242,10 € 269,00 € -10% In stock
    Place the pendant lamp near your bed or use this unique and matchless lamp to create more light in a corner of your doorway. Anyhow, this innovative pendant lamp by New Works gives a new meaning and definition of your space.
  • 179,10 € 199,00 € -10% In stock
    Stylish pendant made in frosted glass, the New Works Lantern is a Beautiful glass dome inspired by ancient lamps. The lamp gives a subdued, calming light, and being available in three different sizes, this pendant will please any taste and match either modern or a classic design of your interior.
  • 89,10 € 99,00 € -10% In stock
    Based around the idea to create a simple iconic silhouette that was adaptable to their surroundings, the New Works Material is a perfect choice for people who know the true meaning of the word “style” and is available in a wide range of colours and variations.
  • 515,00 € In stock: shipped in the next 2 workdays
    Ceiling lamp from Valerie Objects designed by Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen. 
  • 999,00 € In stock: shipped in the next 2 workdays
    If you want to rest or work in the best possible conditions, don’t hesitate to install the Valerie Objects Halo Pendant Lamp in all your common rooms including your dining room, living room, or kitchen. The Halo Pendant Lamp by Valerie Objects will also be perfect in your office or bedroom.
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