Artek A331 Beehive Pendant Lamp

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The Beehive Pendant Lamp is an art piece that has high functionality. Its organic light diffusion makes the place it is in feel warm and welcoming. The look of the lamp gives any space a modernist vibe, and will usually become a topic of discussion.

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Brand: Artek

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Based on the international modernist movement, Artek was founded in the early 1930’s. This movement sought to end the classical view of art and architecture; it had a purpose to show that art has no boundaries, and can move forward to a new era of modernism. Since its beginning, Artek has created a reputation of creating modern and functional furniture, with a technological touch. The Beehive Pendant Lamp is no exception.

One of the most beloved and most interesting lamps created by the Finnish company, Artek, is the Beehive Pendant Lamp. This lamp, first created in 1953 (by Alvar Aalto), has kept the interest of many modernists throughout the world. Aalto considered it one of his best and most successful designs, and it proves to be so to this day. Aalto’s love of organic shapes and playful light gave way to make this pendant lamp the success it was and still is.

This pendant lamp, shaped as a beehive, has a sleek design of polished aluminum and steel rings. The steel rings diffuse light and projects beautiful organic shapes when turned on. The soft glow of the lamp makes any home feel warm, welcoming, and most of all, comforting. It has been featured in many modern architectural wonders, and continues to make its way into newer constructions.

The Beehive Pendant Lamp is available in two shades: white powder, and black powder. Both styles include the golden steel rings that give it a modern, sleek look. The design of a simple beehive is creative and modern, giving any space a new vibe of positive energy. The plug (cable) also comes in white or black, and have a length of 2.5 m (8.2 ft.). The lamp is compatible with energy bulbs A++, A+, A, B, C, D, E.

Data sheet
Material Hand-spun aluminium shaded, steel rings.
Dimensions Ø : 33 cm x H : 30 cm
Color White, Black
Cable length 2.5m
Cable color White, Black
Designer Alvar Aalto
Brand Artek
Made in Finland
Socket type lamp E27
Max. Watt 75W
Voltage 220-240V
Appliance classes Class II
Technical information This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes: A++, A+, A, B, C, D, E
Remarks Base: Ø : 10 cm X W: 6 cm
Date of design 1953
Article Number 291 004 01, 291 004 02

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