Artemide Mesmeri Wall Lamp

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Although the Artemide Mesmeri Wall Lamp may seem quite simple in shape, the lamp is highly sophisticated in the light it creates in homes and offices.

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Brand: Artemide

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Artemide Mesmeri Wall Lamp has been able to broadly innovate with high tech materials, organic forms and advanced LED technology in it fabrication as it is a pure depiction of technological advancement in the functional characteristics as well as structural features of a lamp. The Artemide Mesmeri Wall Lamp is a product of Artemide who are a lighting manufacturing giant with a three word philosophy “the human light” which has been their guard ever since inception as a lighting company in 1960. The Artemide Mesmeri Wall Lamp was designed by Eric Sole in 2005.

The lamp features include a shade which is straight forward and simple, it is made out of a die cast aluminium and designed around lamp functionality rather than a highly decorative details. The lamp creates an exemplary amount of indirect light and this is due to its open bowl structure, shining light above and below for a perfect wall wash.

The Artemide Mesmeri Wall Lamp is finished into three different colors for users to choose that which best suite their preference. The color is either white, chrome or black as all three can duly blend with every environment or stand out in an amazing way that increases the aesthetic beauty of the environment. The lighting option is a LED of 28 watt i.e. 1815 lumen and requires an input voltage of 120 volts for it usage. The color temperature produced by the lamp could either be 2700 or 3000.

Data sheet
Material Aluminium
Dimensions L: 34 cm X H: 7.9 cm Base Width: 8.2cm
Color White, Satin Copper, Polished Chrome, Silver
Designer Eric Solè
Brand Artemide
Made in Italy
Light Source LED, Halogen
Number of lamps 1
Max. Watt 2700K, 3000K: 28W
Voltage 220-240V
Colour temperature 2700K, 2900K, 3000K
Width 23.1 cm
Power - Lumens 2900K: 3859lm; 2700K: 2450lm, 3000K: 2622lm
CRI 2900K: 100; 2700K, 3000K: 90
Article Number 0916010A, 0918W70A, 0918070A, 0918W20A, 0918020A, 0918W30A, 0918030A, 0918W10A, 0918010A

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