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Table Lamps have never been so breath-taking while still affordable as with the Astep Nox Table Lamp. It promises you everything you would ever want from a lamp with the addition of elegance and grace. With its durable materials that are environmentally friendly, the Astep Nox Table Lamp is the market leader that puts health of its users, environment conservation and energy efficiency in its very design. This is the best table Lamp you could ever ask for.

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Brand: Astep

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The Astep Nox Table Lamp is a well-designed and energy efficient lamp that is manufactured from durable yet environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled. This lamp can be used in many spaces such as home offices, workspaces and virtually every room in the house due to its portability feature. It is however not very ideal for bedrooms because of the bright lighting and incessant glow. The Astep Nox Table Lamp comes in a variety of colors to choose from, and this diversity is what makes it even more lovable. This makes it easy to be incorporate into any space.

The elegance from this table lamp is just mind blowing. The Astep Nox Table Lamp is designed in a way that stands out among its industry peers. It is done in a way that creates a warm and homey feeling that releases cheer and joy. It helps in the fight against global warming by reducing energy consumption and so reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. This is most definitely a market pace-setter and it will take its competitors a long while to catch up to this. If you want perfection, this is the table lamp for you.

Data sheet
Material Opaline Glass Diffuser, Aluminium Body
Dimensions ∅: 224 mm x H: 305 mm
Weight 2.50kg
Color Black, Silver
Designer Alfredo Häberli
Brand Astep
Made in Denmark
Date of design 2017
Light Source LED
Max. Watt 5W
Dimmable Yes
Power - Lumens 400lm
Colour temperature 2200K
Appliance classes Class III
Article Number A02-T12-000B, A02-T12-000G
Charging System Wireless Induction
Battery Capacity 16000mAh
Diffuser Diameter ∅: 224mm
Duration 15hrs

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