Brokis Balloon Floorlamp

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The Brokis Balloon is a simple but timeless lamp that is based on a transparant balloon with a floating reflector inside. It is made from high-quality handblown glass. There are a lot of possible combinations possible such as choice in terms of color of the glass, reflector and cable. Here below you can find all the different possibilities.

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733,99 €tax incl.

815,54 €tax incl.


  • Small: W 258mm, H 400mm
  • Medium: W 428mm, H 600mm
  • Large: W 607 mm, H 850 mm
Delivery time: 5-6 weeks

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Brand: Brokis

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The Brokis Balloon has a natural beauty and the quality of the handblown glass is clearly visible by the nice appearance of the transparant balloons. De collection exists of one small table lamp and two freestanding models.

The largest Balloon lamp actually is a example of exceptional glassblowing craftsmanship, because it really pushes the technique to its limits.

Brokis is known to make lamps with plenty of possibilities. You can choose the color of the glass, reflector and wire. Herebelow you can find pictures of these different possibilities. If you don't understand completely or you need some more info, don't hesitate to contact us or to call us.


From left to right: Smoke Grey - Smoke Brown - Transparent

Reflector color (ring inside)

From left to right: Brass - Copper - Chrome - Gold

Reflective Orange - Lemon Yellow - Black - White

Cable Color

From left to right: Yellow - White - Red - Grey - Black




Herebelow some examples of the different combinations that are possible.


From left to right: Transparant glass with chrome reflector and black wire - Smoke Brown glass with chrome reflector and black wire

Transparant glass with copper reflector and black wire

Transparant glas with lemon yellow reflector and black wire

Smoke grey glass with chrome reflector and black wire - Transparant glass with chrome reflector and grey wire - Smoke brown glass with gold reflector and black wire

Data sheet
Material Glass
Designer Lucie Koldová & Dan Yeffet
Brand Brokis
Made in Czech Republic
Bulb included Yes

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