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The Cynara is an easy to use and wonderfull lamp to grow plants or just to enjoy on it's own. With the Cynara lamp you can keep your plants growing all year long, how great is that? This locally-produced wonder by Bulbo makes it easy to transform the darkest corners of your space into a lush oasis.

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Brand: Bulbo

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Discover the Cynara Lamp!

The Cynara Lamp is the newest arrival on the grow light scene. Fitted with LED lights, the chic terracotta lampshade’s job may be to keep your vegetables, herbs, and house plants happy and growing all year long, but it also lends green thumbs a helping hand in terms of cultivating a stylish interior.

Incredibly energy-efficient, the Cynara can be attached to an aluminium rod and placed directly in your pot, or securely hung overhead. An innovative design by Italian label Bulbo, this locally-produced wonder makes it easy to transform the darkest corners of your apartment into a lush oasis.


How to use the Cynara?

Position 1

1 → Open the pack of the Cynara and check all your pieces.
2 → Insert the 20-cm rod inside the designated aluminium hole which you will find on the underside of the lampshade.
3 → In order to extend the rod, insert the 15-cm rod inside the hole of the first rod.
4 → Insert the stopper into the hole of the rod in order to prevent soil from entering the rod.

5 → Then plant the Cynara lamp in the soil contained in the flowerpot.

ATTENTION: Choose a flowerpot which is at least 15-20 cm deep. In order for the Cynara to be stable, it must be planted in a depth of approximately 10 cm of soil.

6 → To turn on the lamp, connect the end of the cable of the lampshade to the end of the cable of DC adaptor. Insert the plug of DC adaptor into the electrical outlet.
7 → The lampshade must always remain at a distance of 7 cm from the highest leaves of the plant. The Cynara emits a cold light, so you don’t need to worry about the leaves; they won’t burn!
8 → Take care of your plant and don’t forget to use your kitchen herbs and vegetables for cooking!

Position 2

1 → Create a loop with the power cable of the device, letting it pass around the support on which you would like to hang the Cynara.
2 → Lock the cable, inserting each side of the loop in the designated shaped spaces of blocker.
3 → In order to shorten the cable and distance the Cynara from the leaves, disconnect the blocker and let the cable slide downwards. Then, lock the cable again with the plastic blocker.
4 → Position the flowerpot directly under the illuminating beam of the Cynara.

Data sheet
Material Shade: hand-varnished terracotta from Faenza, Diffuser: Plexiglass, Rods: anodized aluminium, Blocker: Plexiglass, Stopper: PVC, Cable: cotton, Finish: silver, terracotta
Dimensions Ø: 11cm x H: 57cm
Color Terracotta - White
Cable length 1.2m
Cable color White - Red
Designer Lorenzo Antonioni
Brand Bulbo
Made in Italy
Bulb included Yes
Socket type lamp LED
Voltage 220V
Appliance classes Class II
Remarks 7W Energy consumption

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