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Like a full moon caught on the edge of the Big Dipper, the Fil Detoile wall lamp is the perfect articulation of both the literals and abstracts of celestial concepts. It captures the whimsy of all that is in the heavens in quite a fantastic execution that is both sturdy and delicate at the same time. 

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Brand: Celine Wright

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This aesthetical juxtaposition is done in a tasteful, trendy and elegant way – one that perfectly emulates the
enchantment of the concept without compromising any of the feasibility.

The Fil Detoile wall lamp was designed to evoke the visuals of a star light hanging in a night sky. The
isolated light fixture that hangs atop the stainless steel hook exudes a bright, captivating light that
mesmerizes with its creativeness and subtle efficacy. The design may seem delicate on the surface, but
it has been designed to be quite sturdy and long lasting. Hooked up on the right wall, this light fixture
will emulate a truly magical aesthetic that is extremely alluring and sufficiently trendy.

The Fil Detoile will look absolutely stunning in any and all interior design settings. It has a unique
aesthetic fluidity that doesn’t conform to any one particular style. It has the ability to look right at home
in any contemporary interior setting; be it minimal, Scandinavian, bohemian, modern or even classical.
Fil Detoile is a unique light fixture that encapsulates beauty, pragmatics and longevity, all in the same

Data sheet
Material Japanese paper, black metal box
Dimensions Ø: 11 cm X W: 15 cm
Color White
Designer Celine Wright
Brand Celine Wright
Made in France
Max. Watt 20W
Voltage 12V
Remarks Maintenance : Dust regularly with the aid of a feather duster or a microfiber.

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