Civilight A60

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The Civilight A60 is an engineering marvel that will deliver to you years of bright glows and functionality. This lamp is great value for your money.

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The Civilight A60 is a state-of-the-art light bulb that packs a lot of durability and service delivery. This bulb also has a great design that ensures every part of your space is adequately supplied with light. The Civilight A60 has a circular shape and this makes it perfect for any environment, both official and homes. This lamp comes with an 11.5-watt power consumption amount. This makes it great for spaces that require a steady supply of light such as libraries and home offices. This bulb is also able to be incorporated into any lamp with ease, and deliver its glowing light efficiently. The color option for this bulb is only white and this allows it to be incorporated into any space without looking out of place.

The process of installing the Civilight A60 into your lamp is easy and doesn’t require an expert. All you have to do is screw the bulb into the right spot and you are done. Another key benefit from this lamp is the low energy consumption. To produce its bright light, the Civilight A60 uses minimal amounts of electricity and thus you will not have to worry about huge bills. This light bulb is projected to last several years and this makes it a good money saving option.

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