DCW Editions Aaro Wall Lamp

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The DCW Editions Aaro Wall Lamp is an indoor lamp that suites wide range of use as they can be used in study rooms, bedroom and offices.

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Brand: DCW Editions

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The starting point of DCW Editions Aaro Wall Lamp was a gesture. Simon Schmidtz who happens to be the designer of this beautiful wall lamp wanted to create a movement as fluid motion as possible, this immediately lead him to the sphere. The sphere in the lamp has so many fantastic attributes. With a sphere as a joint they are no limited directions, it has no left or right, no top or bottom. The sphere in te lamp is a defining element in which everything else “revolved” around it i.e. the geometry, the balance, the friction, all comes down to the sphere, visually pointing at it. The end result is an object that seems to be moved by the wind.

The DCW Editions Aaro Wall Lamp is characterized by its ability to revolve effortlessly around its centerpiece, like planets orbiting around each other. The lamp was inspired by Aaron’s rod, the magician Simon Schmitz makes his lamp levitate as it belongs to the DCW edition brand. The materials used in the fabrication of the DCW Editions Aaro Wall Lamp are anodized aluminium and steel used to make up the entire of the lamp while an opal shade is used to create it shade.

The light source utilized by the lamp is an LED which is doesn’t has the dimmable characteristics and as such the light intensity of the lamp cannot be reduced.

Data sheet
Material Anodized aluminium, Steel, Opal glass
Dimensions Base : Ø 16 cm, Arm : 155 cm
Designer Simon Schmitz
Brand DCW Editions
Made in France
Light Source LED
Max. Watt 4.5 W
Colour temperature 2700 K
Dimmable No

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