Design For Macha Stella Daisy Ceiling Lamp/Wall Lamp

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The Stella Daisy Ceiling Lamp is peerless as it combines grace with the modern style to bring a unique product symbolizing two different periods.The customers will feel satisfied due to the service it provides and allows customization of its products.

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Brand: Design For Macha

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The Stella Daisy Ceiling Lamp was produced by Angelo Lelli, who added a contemporary flavor to the graceful, famous brass and milk glass lamp of Italian design in the midcentury.

Every single Stella Daisy Ceiling Lamp is handmade in Italy. A small, conventional workshop in Milan crafts the brass body while a reputed Murano glass factory produces the spherical covering.The number of products is restricted to only 300 lamps a year, bestowing it as a rarity in the minds of consumers. The produced goods are also of superior quality. Polishing is generally not done for these finished lamps. There is an option to do so upon the explicit instruction of customers.

Stella Daisy Lamp gives its consumers the opportunity of having a lamp crafted according to their specifications, making it a unique product in the lamp industry. The small output of its products also allows its users to have a lamp that is distinct from their neighbors and makes them feel special. Its artistic design evokes a nostalgia for a period that is still remembered widely to this day. The customers will have the satisfaction of supporting skilled producers who not rely on assembly line machine production. The durability of the lamp and its green nature also makes it a standout in the lamp market.

Data sheet
Material Brass and Murano glass
Dimensions W: 110 cm x D: 106 cm x H: 22 cm
Color Brass and Opaline
Designer Inspired by Angelo Lelli
Brand Design For Macha
Made in Italy
Light Source LED
Socket type lamp E26 or E27
Max. Watt 100W
Voltage 110V or 220V
Weight 5.9 kg
Remarks A brass rod to lower the lamp down to 150 cm from the ceiling is available. Height is to be defined based on your requirement.

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