Design For Macha Stella Evening Ceiling Lamp/Wall Lamp

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Design for Macha Stella Evening Ceiling Lamp/Wall Lamp is all you need to make your space blissful and relaxing. It provides you with a special place where you can always go to have breathtaking cheer and uplifted spirit.

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Brand: Design For Macha

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Are you drained of not seeing what you are doing, particularly in the dark or evening? Are you tired of the archaic light fixtures which are plain repulsive or look ancient? Do you have some lighting but still not bright enough to read in the evening? Or the rooms of your home have no sufficient lighting fixtures fitted? Design for Macha Stella Evening Ceiling Lamp/Wall Lamp is all you need to solve these problems.

This iconic, well-designed powerful lamp will throw light into your living room or any other space in your home. What makes the Design For Macha Stella Evening Ceiling Lamp or wall Lamp fantastic is Murano, brass, and dominant materials that ensures durability. It features a collection of 8 dazzling light sources connected to a central brass to make sure you receive enough light you need at any point in time.

There is a wide range of options for this evening ceiling lamp or wall lamp from Design for Macha Stella to choose from, alongside nine special brass patina finishes. The handmade design of the lamp adds a personal touch and character to it. Any option or design of the lamp you choose can fit into any available space without a glitch.

This wall and evening ceiling lamps are well-suited for dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Also, they can be used in living rooms flawlessly. The brilliant radiance and brightness levels of the lamp guarantee that you will not strain your eyes. Moreover, it maintains a favorable and affectionate environment for all your activities.

Data sheet
Material Brass and Murano glass
Dimensions W: 184 cm x D: 94 cm x H: 22 cm
Color Brass and Opaline
Designer Inspired by Angelo Lelli
Brand Design For Macha
Made in Italy
Light Source LED
Socket type lamp E26 or E27
Max. Watt 100W
Voltage 110V or 220V
Weight 9 kg
Remarks A brass rod to lower the lamp down to 150 cm from the ceiling is available. Height is to be defined based on your requirement.

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