Design For Macha Stella Tribute Ceiling Lamp/Wall Lamp

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The Design for Macha Stella Tribute Ceiling Lamp is intended to provide cheap electricity to people. They evenly produce lights in the room, regardless of the themes used in the room.

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Brand: Design For Macha

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The existence of macha Stella has significantly contributed to beauteous ceilings designs. Presently, ceilings appear more interesting as compared to those before the existence Macha Stella Tribute Ceiling Lamps.

The lamps provide spectacular addition to the ceiling appearance. The ceiling is of a kind that meets your needs and there is no need to look for any other ceiling designers. Since there are several light sources fixed at the central brass rod, there is proper distribution of light in the room. The lamp not only ensures distribution of light in the room but also enhances sufficient amount of light in the house. Fortunately, these lamps are by products locally sourced metals and other available materials that are not only friendly to the environment but also durable. With the white color of the lamp, it makes it suitable for every theme in the room.

Due to the versatile design of the lamp, it can be fixed in various spaces. It can be fixed in both home and official spaces. As such, whenever purchasing these lamps, spaces for fixing them should not cause any worries. Their versatility make it easier for the clients to choose whatever they desire. The circular designs of these lamps make them able to distribute lights evenly. These lamps can produce light for extended periods while using minimal electricity.

Data sheet
Material Brass and Murano glass
Dimensions W: 159 cm x D: 145 cm x H: 22 cm
Color Brass and Opaline
Designer Inspired by Angelo Lelli
Brand Design For Macha
Made in Italy
Light Source LED
Socket type lamp E26 or E27
Max. Watt 100W
Voltage 110V or 220V
Weight 7.3 kg
Remarks A brass rod to lower the lamp down to 150 cm from the ceiling is available. Height is to be defined based on your requirement.

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