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The Eno Studio Dewy - Suspension takes time to be appreciated; creating complexity through simplicity. The Soft light emited form inside the lamp is hidden by the frosting on the glass, this gives the Dewy – Suspension the feeling that it is encapsulating the light from the outside world and that a separate organic climate has been cultivated within it.

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Brand: Eno Studio


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The form and materials used are unmistakably modern and create clean and aesthetically comfortable lines that will fit into any contemporary space.

The Eno Studio Dewy - Suspension is designed to be hung from overhead with the included 3m cable, gracefully supporting itself as a single fitting or as a group of several fittings, possibility at different heights as part of a cluster. Due to the frosting of the glass, the Dewy – Suspension emits an inviting glow that gently creates an intimate and welcoming warmth to any space, perfect for a dining area or lounge.

The Eno Studio Dewy - Suspension is made from brown frosted glass. It is available in a single size: 28cm tall by 17cm in diameter and comes with a 3m grey cable.

About the Designer:

The award winning studio, CrousCalogero was founded in 2009; established by Francesc Crous and Alessandro Calogero, it operates out of Barcelona. Having met at the Politecnico di Milano, the pair each have experience creating works that focus on the offer a tactile appeal to the user, inviting them in to explore the work through sensation, in an attempt to create a link.

About the brand:

ENOstudio : the joy of editing a Free Design

ENOstudio (“Edition Nouveaux Objets”) was born 10 years ago, with the ambition of editing quality everyday objects, furniture and lighting, with a sustainable, simple and poetic design.

The design house draws its inspiration from a dreamlike world, and provides a sensitive vision of design. Both soft and pure, the aesthetics of ENOstudio allows the freedom to propose a certain vision of a lifestyle, uninhibited and curious.

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Data sheet
Material Blown frosted glass
Dimensions Ø : 17cm x H: 28cm
Cable length 3m
Designer CrousCalogero
Brand Eno Studio
Made in France
Weight 1.5kg

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