Fatboy Co9 Teddy Stuffed Bunny

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Filled with beautiful polystyrene beads, Fatboy Co9 Teddy Stuffed Bunny is a comfortable beanbag. The Co9 Fatboy Teddy Stuffed Bunny is nothing but a hobby twist that offers extraordinary comfort. The Co9 Teddy Stuffed Bunny by Fatboy is perfect for relaxing, watching TV, reading and serves as a ground-breaking piece of art for home and office decoration.

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Brand: Fatboy

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Fatboy's Co9 Teddy Stuffed Bunny is considered the world's most cuddly rabbit. The giant Co9 Teddy Stuffed Bunny by Fatboy is comfortable to lie on and makes a real statement for your home or office interior.

The Co9 Fatboy Teddy Stuffed Bunny is available in Latte and Cheeky Pink. The plush fabric is extremely soft and super flexible, so it will keep its appearance for a very long tim

The Teddy Co9 Fatboy Stuffed Bunny is versatile as it will be your jumbo buddy for many years. The Teddy Co9 Fatboy Stuffed Bunny is made of polyester and features EPS padding.

The Fatboy Co9 Teddy Stuffed Bunny is not only a regular chair-bag, but also a substantial bunny. You can sit, nap and cuddle with the Fatboy Co9 Teddy Stuffed Bunny.


Plus, it makes a decorative element for your home and office. The Fatboy Co9 Teddy Stuffed Bunny features a comfortable, calm stonewashed cotton exterior in a variety of colors and is secured with premium virgin polyester beads.

The Teddy Stuffed Bunny Co9 Fatboy is ideal and suitable for adults, children or people who have a passion for rabbits. Without a doubt, the Fatboy Teddy Stuffed Bunny Co9 will make a wonderful statement in your home. It is pilling resistant and super soft.

Data sheet
Material 100% polyester; Filling: Expanded polystyrene (EPS)
Dimensions 180 x 150 x 50 cm
Weight 6 kg
Color Latte, Cheeky Pink
Designer Florentijn Hofman
Brand Fatboy
Article Number 105046, 105047
Packaging 60 x 60 x 110 cm
Remarks Super soft. Pilling resistant. Unique statement piece. Oversized bunny for lounging. High quality materials.
Details It’s a furniture object and not a toy, Do not poke with sharp objects, this might cause the fabric to tear, exposing the beads.

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