Fatboy Colour Blend Blanket

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Fatboy Colour Blend Blanket is a classic tartan plaid that comes in a vibrant print. The Colour Blend Blanket by Fatboy makes nature at its purest. The Colour Blend Fatboy Blanket is certainly warm and nice as the plaid is made of 100% wool.

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Brand: Fatboy

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Looking for a blanket that will bring you warm memories? Then choose the Fatboy Colour Blanket, available in a variety of beautiful colors: mineral, rhubarb, clementine and spring. The Colour Blend Blanket, made from 100% pure wool, was designed for Fatboy by Carole Baijings. The loose lines of this unique and sophisticated blanket blend together to create a stunning new color palette.


Colour Blend Fatboy Blanket wool is beautifully woven and dyed with natural dyes. Therefore, every Fatboy Colour Blanket is pure nature. The softly designed Fatboy Colour Blanket is a warm companion for the sofa, or when it's cool outside.

The Fatboy Colour Blend Blanket is made for the sofa and comes in unique natural colors. Each color combination of the blanket has been tested in a variety of ways before the final blends are achieved. The Fatboy Blend Colour Blanket creates a striking effect and shows how the colors blend together.

Without mincing words, the color mix blanket best matches your interior. The color mix comes out much warmer and stronger. All in all, the combination forms an unexpected, stunning and logical new whole. Each color combination of the blanket was produced from many handmade samples.

Data sheet
Material 100% Pure new wool
Dimensions 185 x 130 cm
Weight 0.6 kg
Color Mineral, Rhubarb, Clementine, Spring
Designer Carole Baijings
Brand Fatboy
Made in Netherlands
Article Number 104907, 104908, 104909, 104910
Packaging 48 x 39.5 x 9 cm
Remarks Comfortable. Environment friendly. Fully recyclable due to the use of natural materials only. Use: Indoors.
Details Dry clean only. Do not iron. Do not bleach.
Cleaning instruction Use a wet cloth to gently cleanse the area by patting it. Don’t use any cleaning agents containing chemicals.

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