Flos Bon Jour Lamp Shade

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The Flos Bon Jour Lamp Shade is a great lamp shade that gives you a variety of options for your lamp. It is elegant and stands out among the many available. This is the lamp shade for you.

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Brand: Flos

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Choosing a lamp shade can be a demanding task, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With the option of the Flos Bon Jour Lamp Shade available, you are saved from a demanding task. This lamp shade comes in a standard diameter size that ensures it can easily fit into any desired table lamp. This will save you a lot of money as you now don’t have to buy multiple lamp shades for the different lamps you have. All you need is to detach it and attach it into any desired lamp you intend to use. The Flos Bon Jour Lamp Shade is also wide enough to ensure proper and efficient light distribution. You will now have enough light in your various rooms.

The Flos Bon Jour Lamp Shade also comes in a variety of colors to choose from. These are yellow, brilliant white, brown and numerous others. This thus ensures the lamp shade can fit into any desired house theme. This wide variety ensures you settle on one that fits into any theme you have. The strong materials used in the construction of the lamp shade ensures you can use it for any desired space or even outdoors. This thus ensures you get the utmost benefits from the Flos Bon Jour Lamp Shade.

Data sheet
Dimensions ∅: 316 mm x H: 75 mm
Color Amber, Yellow, Rattan, Fabric, Transparent, Fumée
Designer Philippe Starck
Brand Flos
Made in Italy
Article Number F1033070, F1033019, F1033088, F1033007, F1033000, F1033030

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