Flos Moni Wall/Ceiling Lamp

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Thanks to its glossy white powder-coated pressed aluminum reflector used in the fabrication of the Flos Moni Wall/Ceiling Lamp as it provides reflected and a well diffused lighting.

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Brand: Flos

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The Flos Moni Wall/Ceiling Lamp was created by the legendary Achile Castiglioni for Flos. With its sleek design, it is not evident that it was designed in 1982 as it has a classic make up.

When switched off, the Flos Moni Wall/Ceiling Lamp looks tranquil with a decent look. The beauty and uniqueness of the roof light shows after the light is switched on. The light is reflected to the roof by means of the diffuser and it is broken by a unique supporting board out of steel casting, reflecting beam like to the rooftop. It is equipped with special pressed steel support creating a radial starburst pattern on the ceiling. The front shade consists of sand-blasted molded glass and a molded clear glass lens.

While the majority part of the light guarantees an illumination but one that is indirect, a little part sparkles downwards. The exquisite appearance and the warm-white light makes the Flos Moni Wall/Ceiling Lamp preferably reasonable for various indoor use.

Flos Moni Wall/Ceiling Lamp is mounted on the ceiling, comes in form of two models which are the small that is 340mm in diameters and the large that is 440mm in diameters. They both are of white coloration and can be mounted in sitting rooms, bedroom, toilet, class rooms, dormitories and places of the likes.

Data sheet
Material Aluminum, Glass
Dimensions Moni 1 Ø: 34 cm X H: 13 cm; Moni 2 Ø: 44 cm X H: 13 cm
Color White
Designer Achille Castiglioni
Brand Flos
Made in Italy
Bulb included Yes
Number of lamps 1
Recommended bulbs Moni 1: 1 x MAX 150W E27 HSGS 2870lm 2900K [e] cod. RF20358 DIMMER; Moni 2: 1 x MAX 150W E27 HSGS 2870lm 2900K [e] cod. RF20358 DIMMER
Socket type lamp E27
Max. Watt 150W
Voltage 220-250V
Weight Moni 1: 1.5 kg; Moni 2: 2.2 kg
Colour temperature 2900K
Date of design 1982
Power - Lumens 2870lm
Article Number F3801009, F3901009

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