Flos Pochette LED Wall Lamp

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If you are looking for a LED WALL Lamp that will light up and illuminate your home space in a special way, go for the Flos Pchette LED Wall Lamp. It is a market leader because of its quality and unique features.

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Brand: Flos

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The Flos Pochette LED Wall Lamp is a sophisticated and exceptional wall lamp that gives you indirect light. The Pochette LED Wall Lamp by Flos is created with quality materials, making it a piece of efficient and much-loved material. This LED Wall Lamp is available in the Normal Up & Down version. In other words, Pnchette LED Wall Lamp upward & Downward lighting is used for direct and indirect harmonious light is commercial or residential settings.

It is also worthy of note that the Up/Down Pochette Wall Lamp was designed for Flos in the year 2003 by Rodolfo Dordoni. This is a matchless wall lamp that set an accent in the hallway or stairwell. Pochette LED Wall Lamp by Flos is a fashionable and contemporary lamp that magnificently fits well into any style of furnishing style in the wellness or home areas, and it makes a cozy environment with its indirect upward and downward lighting.

As far as the lighting industry and wall lamps are concerned, Flos Pochette Wall Lamp is a leading innovative lighting design for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with sculpted industrial lines that mingle into their surroundings flawlessly. This LED wall lamp stands out from the crowd for the soft, perfect, and warm diffusion of light it gives for walkways, entranceways, and modern interior spaces. The wall lamp is predominantly effectual when mounted along the corridors or hallways. The quality of this dimmable lamp is as a result of blending a bright white upwards light with downwards stream of direct light.

Data sheet
Material Zamak
Dimensions H: 145 mm x L: 197 mm
Color Grey, Chrome, Glossy White
Designer Rodolfo Dordoni
Brand Flos
Made in Italy
Light Source Up & Down - 144 x LED 20W 2700K 1707lm CRI90 + 36 LED 1.5W 2700K 37lm CRI90; Normal - 144 x LED 20W 2700K 1707lm CRI90
Bulb included Yes
Voltage 120/ 220V
Power consumption Up & Down - 21.5W; Normal - 20W
Weight 1.7kg
Colour temperature 2700K (warm white light)
Date of design 2003
Width 99 mm
CRI 90+
Article Number F9705020, F9705057, F9705009, F9704020, F9704057, F9704009

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