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The Carpa Table Lamp from Forestier is a handy lighting fixture. It makes a great ornamental home accent. This table lamp is unique because it is far more flexible and functional than most of the other lighting systems out there. It is a modern lighting system that brings statements into your décor setting in grand style. In addition, it contours your living spaces with warm and friendly pools of ambient light.

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Brand: Forestier

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The Forestier Carpa Table Lamp is a functional and adaptable lamp. the Carpa Table Lamp by Forestier enhances your interior and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Showcase your style and illuminate your space with the Carpa Table Lamp. this is a simple unique design that brings a playful and pure spirit to its environment. On the other hand, it sends up a lean stem from a circular bottom to lamping set and then a bell housing supported with a short stem. Excess brilliance is displayed from the sides by a wide dish shade that has its open rings brought out by a web texture of metal cords.

The Carpa Table Lamp by Forestier brightens counters, side tables, and desks alike in an innovative way. The great attributes of the stylish table lamp makes it the choice of all the lighting enthusiasts. It is created in a zealous astonishment for the never-ending beauty of the natural world. In addition, this table lamp was a symbol of decorative and attractive character of French gardens. The Carpa Table Lamp has conquered the lighting market due to its curvy lines, proportionality, balance, and original aesthetics among other features. It pushes stylistic boundaries and uses quality materials to maintain its sophisticated and matchless standard.

Data sheet
Material Bamboo, textile cable
Dimensions H: 58 cm x W: 39 cm x D: 34 cm
Weight 2.51 kg
Color Black
Designer Jette Scheib
Brand Forestier
Made in France
Bulb included Yes
Socket type lamp E27
Max. Watt 40W
Technical information Switch & Plug: Yes
Article Number 21282

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