Goodnight Light Decoupage Lamp Sea Shell

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Lamps have never been so breath-taking as with the Goodnight Light Decoupage Lamp Sea Shell. It promises you everything you would ever want from a lamp with the addition of elegance and grace. This lamp is very durable and will deliver you a great amount of performance.

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Brand: Goodnight Light

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The Goodnight Light Decoupage Lamp Sea Shell is a well-designed and energy efficient lamp that is manufactured from durable yet environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled and are very durable. It comes in an unconventional design of a sea shell, and just like the beach, it fills your space with the utmost relaxation. It has a bright bulb behind it that lets out a consistent amount of light. This table lamp can be used in many spaces such as home offices, workspaces and various rooms in the house. It is also very ideal for bedrooms because of the bright lighting and incessant glow. The Goodnight Light Decoupage Lamp Sea Shell comes in a variety of color options to choose from such as ivory white, black, blush, gold and mint. It also comes in two sizes to choose from such as the small and large kleinsize. This makes it easy to be incorporate into any space and gives you a range of options to choose from.

The elegance from this lamp is just mind blowing. The Goodnight Light Decoupage Lamp Sea Shell is designed in a way that stands out among its industry peers and with the great energy efficiency in its design, huge electric bills will be a thing of the past. The lamp is also light to enable movement from one table to another. This lamp produces a bright and consistent glow that will ensure you don’t get eye problems.

Data sheet
Material Painted iron (Matt Finish)
Dimensions Small - Height 23 cm; Large - Height 30 cm
Color Ivory White, Black, Blush, Gold, Mint, Klein
Designer The Newtons
Brand Goodnight Light
Made in Spain
Light Source LED
Bulb included No
Socket type lamp E14
Max. Watt 2.5W
Article Number 23cm ivory 991, 23cm black 992, 23cm blush 993, 23cm gold 994, 23cm mint 995, 23cm klein 996, 30cm ivory 981, 30cm black 982, 30cm gold 984
Remarks Twisted satin cable

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