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Graypants Ausi

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Responsibly reimagining cardboard boxes

From functional box to fashionable beauty, the Graypants Scraplight series transforms ordinary packing material into extraordinarily creative lighting.

With its shapely figure and unique light diffusion, presents a warm, modern alternative to cold contemporary plastic lights while benefiting the environment at the same time.

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  • Ausi 8: Ø: 19cm x 24cm
  • Ausi 12: Ø: 28cm x 20cm
  • Ausi 14: Ø: 39cm x 36cm
Delivery: 3-4 weeks.

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Brand: Graypants


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Classic Series – Ausi

The elegant and organic shape of the Ausi pendant gives atmosphere to any space, it provides a smooth and decorative lighting. The Ausi pendant lamp is available in three sizes: Ausi 8: Ø: 19cm x 24cm, Ausi 12: Ø: 28cm x 20cm, Ausi 14: Ø: 39cm x 36cm.

Scraplight Series

Handcrafted from recycled cardboard, Graypants’ Scraplight series provides warm, intimate, and functional lighting for any occasion or type of space. Tough and elegant, each is precision cut with a laser cutter and assembled by hand using nontoxic adhesive. All Scraplights are treated with a fire retardant.

Scraplights quickly became a prime example of the principals that Graypants embodies – responsible design, responsible materials, and responsible production. Graypants has partnered with social works programs to provide craft-based work where it is needed the most. People involved with creating Scraplights on a daily basis find this work a very rewarding activity as it is based on skill and craft. This is something Graypants takes pride in.


The Scraplights collection is comprised of three series – the Classic Series, Drum Series and Tilt Lamp Series. All Scraplights feature a handmade recycled cardboard shade, which provide atmosphere to any space. At night, the surfaces of a room are transformed by patterns of light and shadow, caused by the corrugation in the Scraplight shades.

The Classic series includes some of the best selling models, such as the Moon and Disc pendants. The Drum Series is elevated by steel frames and frosted glass diffusers, which provide excellent up and down-lighting to large spaces such as lobbies and conference rooms. Tilt Lamps, which include a table and floor model, have clean black powder coated.

Brand & Designer

“We believe the wide variety in our work has made us better at all aspects of it – whether it be launching a new product line, fabricating a custom installation, or working intimately with clients to create something special.”

Graypants is a team of problem solvers. Anchored in Seattle and Amsterdam, Graypants’ bold creativity leads to diverse designs in products, architecture, and other beautiful objects around the world. Their work expands globally with collaborations and custom designs for leading companies worldwide. Rooted in Seattle as architects, founders Seth Grizzle and Jon Junker decided to further feed their creative appetites through product design and art exhibits. In 2007, “Graypants” was scribbled onto a piece of paper and the new company’s flagship line of pendant lights made entirely of repurposed corrugated cardboard – Scraplights – was promptly introduced.


Scraplights quickly became a prime example of the principles that Graypants embodies to this day – responsible design, responsible materials, responsible production… and having fun. Their second series is the Kerflight series, it has a unique kerf pattern in the shade panels that cast intriguing patterns onto walls and table surfaces. Debuting with swappable and reversible shade panels available in multiple colors — and five distinct personalities — Graypants Kerflight series will literally make a great fit. In 2012, the Amsterdam studio was founded to become a hub for local European production and distribution to over forty countries. The studio has partnered with social works programs to provide craft-based work where needed the most. The Seattle studio continues to provide local production for North America and houses the bustling custom and prototyping shop.


Today, Graypants continues to expand its custom portfolio from architectural installations to public artworks, and has numerous product lines sold throughout the world. The range of their work is comprehensive, covering residential and commercial lighting, furniture, packaging designs, and architecture. In November of 2013, Graypants was awarded AIA Seattle’s Award of Honor for their debut architecture project, Garage. Regardless of the color of pants you wear, you’ll love the Graypants line of recycled lighting. Each Graypants light fixture is made from repurposed cardboard that is laser-cut and assembled by hand using non-toxic adhesives. By taking advantage of cardboard’s naturally beautiful tones and corrugated textures, these earth-friendly cardboard lights are literally “creating a brighter now.”

Data sheet
Material Recycled cardboard
Dimensions Ausi 8: Ø: 19cm x 24cm. Ausi 12: Ø: 28cm x 20 cm. Ausi 14: Ø: 39cm x 36cm.
Cable length 2m
Cable color Black
Designer Seth Grizzle & Jonathan Junker
Brand Graypants
Made in Netherlands
Bulb included No
Socket type lamp E27
Max. Watt 60W
Voltage 220-50V
Appliance classes Class I

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