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“A light that is more respectful of the environment, and more gratifying for the user.”

The Steplight series pendant lamp is in made of several layers of aluminum which are placed stepwise upon each other. This eye-catching lamp by Graypants gives thanks to the different layers of aluminum, a stunning and atmospheric lighting.

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Brand: Graypants

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Steplight Series – Echo

Meet Echo, Luna and Vela. Inspired by man’s quests deep into our galaxy, Graypants’ Steplights are hanging pendant lamps carefully machined from a sheet of solid aluminum. Efficiently flat-packed and easily assembled without tools, adhesives, or fasteners required, the inherent beauty of each lies in its high-precision interlocking assembly.

Steplight series: Step-Pack

Step-Pack is a multi-functional packaging solution for a line of aluminum Steplight pendants. Machined from a single sheet of aluminum, the lights were designed from the package up to create a harmonious and efficient product. Step-Pack is space efficient and requiring minimal shipping materials. It is strong and protective, and serves an instructive guide and tool for assembling the flat-packing fixtures. The comprehensive design of the Step-Pack, developed in sync with the lights, lead to a more sophisticated product with an elevated user experience.

A common problem in the product design industry is essentially “shipping air.” They set out to tackle this problem by developing Step-Pack to be as compact, material saving, and multi-functional as possible. Typically a shipping box serves only as a thin, disposable membrane of protection. Due to the hollow shape of most light fixtures, protecting them during the shipping process requires stuffing or wrapping the parts in useless materials that will only be thrown away upon unboxing. Step-Pack distills the empty box into it’s strongest form – a compact and tightly bundled stack of corrugated layers. This does away with wasteful wrapping, cushioning and inserts while allowing for a unique unboxing and assembly experience.


By envisioning the packaging in layers, each tray takes upon a specialized function, allowing for a flat-packing light fixture that is simple and delightful to build, from the package up. Lifting off each tray reveals the flat-packed aluminum pieces, marketing materials and assembly instructions, and cutouts that serve as assembly jigs – all in the order most useful for the user. By rethinking the Step-Pack to be more than a disposable barrier, they were ultimately able to develop a more innovative product – a light that is less expensive to ship, more respectful of the environment, and more gratifying for the user.

Brand & Designer

“We believe the wide variety in our work has made us better at all aspects of it – whether it be launching a new product line, fabricating a custom installation, or working intimately with clients to create something special.”

Graypants is a team of problem solvers. Anchored in Seattle and Amsterdam, Graypants’ bold creativity leads to diverse designs in products, architecture, and other beautiful objects around the world. Their work expands globally with collaborations and custom designs for leading companies worldwide. Rooted in Seattle as architects, founders Seth Grizzle and Jon Junker decided to further feed their creative appetites through product design and art exhibits. In 2007, “Graypants” was scribbled onto a piece of paper and the new company’s flagship line of pendant lights made entirely of repurposed corrugated cardboard – Scraplights – was promptly introduced.


Scraplights quickly became a prime example of the principles that Graypants embodies to this day – responsible design, responsible materials, responsible production… and having fun. Their second series is the Kerflight series, it has a unique kerf pattern in the shade panels that cast intriguing patterns onto walls and table surfaces. Debuting with swappable and reversible shade panels available in multiple colors — and five distinct personalities — Graypants Kerflight series will literally make a great fit. In 2012, the Amsterdam studio was founded to become a hub for local European production and distribution to over forty countries. The studio has partnered with social works programs to provide craft-based work where needed the most. The Seattle studio continues to provide local production for North America and houses the bustling custom and prototyping shop.


Today, Graypants continues to expand its custom portfolio from architectural installations to public artworks, and has numerous product lines sold throughout the world. The range of their work is comprehensive, covering residential and commercial lighting, furniture, packaging designs, and architecture. In November of 2013, Graypants was awarded AIA Seattle’s Award of Honor for their debut architecture project, Garage. Regardless of the color of pants you wear, you’ll love the Graypants line of recycled lighting. Each Graypants light fixture is made from repurposed cardboard that is laser-cut and assembled by hand using non-toxic adhesives. By taking advantage of cardboard’s naturally beautiful tones and corrugated textures, these earth-friendly cardboard lights are literally “creating a brighter now.”

Data sheet
DimensionsØ: 44cm x H: 12cm
Cable length2m
DesignerSeth Grizzle & Jonathan Junker
Made inNetherlands
Bulb includedNo
Socket type lampE27
Max. Watt60W

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