Graypants Wick Portable Lamp

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The Graypants Wick Portable Lamp draws traditional coziness in a modern way. The Wick Graypants Portable Lamp can be transported around as you like and come with the option to dim the intensity of its brightness. Whether it is at the dining table for a romantic dinner or the table in the restaurant, Wick Graypants Portable Lamp is perfect for all the cozy moments.

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Brand: Graypants

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The Graypants Wick Portable Lamp is designed for you if you are looking for a lamp that mixes the utility of a flashlight with romance of a candle. The Wick Portable Graypants Lamp features 3 different levels such as the soft, warm glow of a flickering fire to a bright reading light. The colors of this portable lamp are Brass and Graphite.

Wick Portable Graypants Lamp comes with an extraordinary and unique design portable and sustainable even as it maintains a stylish look with the appearance of a candle and a finger ring at the bottom, letting you easily carry the lamp with you anywhere you go.

The ring underneath the LED module of Graypants Wick Portable Lamp functions as an on/off button allowing you to change the brightness between the 3 preset levels and a pulse setting.

This portable lamp also comes with a USB-C rechargeable battery and cable. The battery of Wick Graypants Portable Lamp can last between 12-115 hours, based on the setting.

The Wick Graypants Portable Lamp also features an appealing, traditional shape mixed with modern functionality – Wick Portable Lamp could be described as a masterpiece between a flashlight and a candle. Featuring a handle, Wick Portable is evocative of antique chambersticks. However, instead of a flame Wick Graypants lights up its surroundings with a dimmable LED light source.

Data sheet
Material Plated Aluminum, Acrylic
Dimensions Ø: 12 cm x H: 26 cm
Color Brass, Graphite, White, Black
Brand Graypants
Made in Netherlands
Light Source LED
Max. Watt 1W
Colour temperature 2600K
Article Number GP2043-B, GP2043-G
Remarks Cord: USB-C, Battery: Rechargeable Lithium

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